Reviews: Anonymous

Ahoy! Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This place is one of the best hostels I've stayed at. It's quiet enough and comfortable enough to rest, but there is a friendly vibe and it was really easy to meet people and go out. Location is perfect (5 minute walk to Old Town or the Charles Bridge), and they have all the amenities you could want including really nice lockers in the rooms. Staff is great, and other than needing a bigger sign out front, there is nothing more I could ask for!

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

Staying in the 10bed dorm proved problematic when the others arrived back at 4:30 am with no intention of sleeping. However, the front desk staff is incredibly helpful and helped me establish that this is not a party hostel, no matter how well located and well appointed. Otherwise, this place was incredible--right near a grocery and with amazing kitchens, across a bridge from the Turkish baths and an easy bus ride to the main train station I needed. Fun and beautiful place to stay!

Aventura Boutique Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful hostel with good, spacious lockers and all the amenities you would need. Really great staff and a nice vibe. Great place to actually rest in between your Budapest adventures. Would go back in a heartbeat!

Hostel Kiki

Bol, Croatia

Spectacular place to stay. Hosts are incredibly warm and welcoming and the hostel itself is beautiful. Small enough to rest, but open and friendly enough to meet people and have a good time. The boat they have is an added benefit... Even just drinks in the harbor are more fun on a boat. Really one of my favorite hostels ever!

Inchy Rooms

Split, Croatia

Safe, great location in the palace, AC and wifi... And truly wonderful hosts. Really wonderful place to stay.