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Hostal Marino

Ibiza, Spain

The staff was very friendly and the bar had good sandwiches). The private rooms had air conditioning which is a huge plus :)


The staff is friendly and the bar has good food. However, - the location is awful, in a remote area of Paris that does not seem like the safest area in the city - the rooms are not clean - the rooms have no air conditioning, making for very uncomfortable sleeping - we are men and were put on a girls' only floor in a private room. Because there were no men's washrooms we were asked to use the handicapped washroom where the toilet and shower and next to each other with no separation

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hotel itself has only one small common room so it is not the place to go to meet people. However, we rented a private room and were very pleased with the comfort of the room, the cleanliness of the room (and especially the cleanliness of the bathroom), and also especially the fact that there was air conditioning. Lastly the hotel is in a good location of the city. One thing to note however is that its on a side street and so a bit hard to find.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

1) Since this hostel is made out of an old church, there are walls dividing the "rooms" but no ceilings. Is: if someone is making a lot of noise in another "room" late at night, everyone is kept up. 2) its about a 20-30 minute walk from the castle area. Not too bad, but not too close. 3) There are NO lockers in the room and NO locks on the room doors. Once someone is in the hostel, s/he can go into any room and take anything! 4)It is very cold in this hostel


The location is great and the staff (it is owned by a local family) is extremely friendly and helpful. They wer great for advice about how to get around the city and what to do. I also felt very secure insdie the hostel, despite the hostel being in a very sketchy commercial (be prepared to be harrassed by people looking for bring you to tailors and restaurants). Also the room is VERY small, which is something that I did not anticipate when I booked the room.I give 72%

St Christopher's Greenwich

London, England

A great place to hang out at. Anya, Megan, Aisha, and Veronique in particular were super friendly and helpful. Only problem were that drinks and internetwere expensive. otherwise, it was one of the best hostels ive been to.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

this was a good hostel with good breakfasts, a ping pong table and friendly staff. however, the internet was horrible and should be fixed; as well, setting a curfew for paying customers is absurd.

Hostel 63

London, England

it was greatly disappointing that there were no lockers in the rooms to store my belongings, as well the bathrooms were extremely dirty, and no towles were provided for the showers.