Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Ireland, Gender: Male, Age: 42

YOU REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU BOOK CAUSE THEY WILL BE LOCKED UP AT 3AM FROM MON TO SAT SUN 1AM WHICH U CANT ENTER UNTIL NEXT DAY AT 12 NOON..WHAT A CRAZY HOSTEL reception in the restaurant are very weird as dark basement. Chinese staff not nice person and not helpful. bad facilities- one bathroom per floor, not enough toilets and showers they don't have any lock in rooms' door rooms so anyone can come in from other rooms there is cameras inside the shared rooms what a pervert!

The Linen House Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

very disappointed with staff that we did booked 2 people in dorm room suddenly they send us to separate room which it's full up but i wont accept that we did booked it alreday. pls make sure to put us on it with room number before we arrive. i dont see what happen again..

One Florence Close

Singapore, Singapore

i did not know that cat around into the hostel which i am allergic of cat so i am not happy with that cos no information abt cat. it;s not hygiene of cat for tourist

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

great location!! very cheap and good value!! i ll be calling again