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Location: Ireland, Gender: Male, Age: 29

La Maison du Vent

Essaouira, Morocco

I stayed in this riad towards the end of my travels in Morocco and I loved it. The rooms are beautiful, the common areas relaxing and the staff extremely helpful

Riad Massine II

Marrakech, Morocco

A very peaceful and beautiful riad

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

Hostel was great, but very noisy all the time. not good if youve to be up early in the morning, especially if you take the ground floor double room by the common room. Staff were great though, very helpful.

Dar El Yasmine

Fez, Morocco

One of the nicest double rooms Ive ever stayed in. Plus the terrace is awesome

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

No customer comment


No customer comment

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

No customer comment

Rainbow Hostel Doolin

Doolin, Ireland

I couldnt have asked for a better place to stay after a 9 hour cycle. A lovely hostel, in a great little town. The owners were among the nicest people I'd ever come accross while travelling too. When I was stuck for money, the owner actually leant me money and just asked I post it to him one day. Such a kind gesture. This town, Doolin, goes into my top 5 towns in the world, and this hostel is among the best too


staff are a mess in sorting the place out.but its good enough to get by in spite of them

Tirtarum Villa

Canggu, Indonesia

this place is the nicest villa ive ever stayed in.for the pricecompared to luxury its a bargain.perfect to get away from the city, which is only a short journey on a moped anyway.staff are very helpful and never intrude on your privacy.i would certainly come back here one day

Tresor Tavern

Singapore, Singapore

boring hostel.eveyone just sits around all day on their laptops.staff are stingy too

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

best hostel ive ever stayed in, it was a little quiet in low season but cant fault the owners for that

Farah Hotel

Amman, Jordan

very dissapointing..hotel staff played music VERY loud at 4 in the morning and before that we couldnt sleep because of the fan. The seating area was just for staff and the dvd player was broke anyway. I didnt sleep well one night and the showers were freezing

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

nice place but not allowed to drink your own cans