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Hotel Aday

Marrakech, Morocco

Very good value for the money, friendly staff, great location. If you are coming from the airport you might want to get the taxi, as it could be difficult to find. Don't expect anything fancy, but for the price it is great. Will be staying here again when I'm back in town.

Pura Vida Beach Hostel

Vama Veche, Romania

Great hostel with great staff. I would recommend Pura Vida hostel to anyone staying in Vama. The location was perfect.

1001 Nights Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Quite a good hostel with nice staff and a good location. They let us leave our bags before check-in and after check out. The reason for the lower grade on facilities is because while we were eating our food we noticed it was warm and told them the fridge was broken. They said it had just been off for 24 hours (they had forgotten to turn it on again after cleaning it). We ended up having to throw away a lot of our food.

Hostel Enjoy

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Jasmina was very nice and we enjoyed her tour. When we picked the hostel it said there were lockers online, but that was not the case. Also, she said she would bring us breakfast in the morning, but when she finally came she said she would take us out instead, and then she was 4 marks short when the bill came so we had to pay 4 marks. We would not have gone out for coffee and bread, would have just eaten it in the hostel if we had known we would have to pay for it at the cafe. Good location.

Travel Hostel

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Very good hostel but make sure you bring ear plugs. The bar is very noisy until late on weekend nights. Good location.

The Ginger Monkey

High Tatras, Slovakia

Great hostel in a beautiful location. Lots of information available about hikes in the Tatras and other activities. The staff were all great and went out of their way to make our stay a great one!

Cosy Corner Hostel

Olomouc, Czech Republic

No customer comment

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

pretty good hostel, clean, would stay here again.

Tran Ly Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

very good deal for the price! nice hotel.


No customer comment


overall very good hostel, great value. i would stay there again.

Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Tokyo, Japan

decent hostel but the bar is not really what they make it seem to be. it is the size of a closet, a few blocks away and has a strange/confusing system of paying that no one at the bar understood. the deals were not as good as we were lead to believe, but the hostel was itself was fine.

K's House Mt.Fuji

Mount Fuji, Japan

great hostel, favorite in Japan. very clean and helpful staff.


I would stay here again-clean hostel, good common areas

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

overall good hostel-very clean and good kitchen/facilities-brewed coffee too!

Hostel Patagonia Pais

Ushuaia, Argentina

Not a bad hostel while staying there, however the only hostel I have stayed in in Argentina or anywhere else in the world that made us leave the building at checkout. We were out of the room with plenty of time to spare, but were told we could not sit in the kitchen and eat our lunch because we had already checked out. they sent us out in the rain with our bags to wait until our ride left late in the afternoon. Ridiculous.

America del Sur Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

overall a good hostel, however, I didn't like that you could smoke inside which made the sitting area not very pleasant for non smokers. Also, the music is on pretty loud all the time and one of the staff members tends to yell and sing so if you are looking for that, it is good for you, but if you want some calm once in a while good luck.Good points were that the staff is friendly and totally willing to help you with whatever it is that you might need.The place is nice too, clean and organized

Ayres Porte´┐Żos Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another hostel that claimed it had things but it didn't. we left in the middle of our stay because we wanted a fun place for christmas and it did not have a working bar or wifi like it claimed. the kitchen is also the size of a closet and you have to check out dishes and pay a deposit. huge pain.

Hostel Internacional Uspallata

Uspallata, Argentina

A great place to stay if you want to relax outside of the city. the staff are helpful and arranged a cheap and awesome bbq for everyone-however be ready to walk the 16km round trip if you want to go to Uspallata (or you can catch a bus a couple times per day). Overall a really nice place-I would recommend it.

Hostel Internacional Campo Base

Mendoza, Argentina

well, it is not too bad for the price, but it definitely does not really have everything it offers on hostelworld-there is no pool, no internet other than wifi, no restaurant, it does sell some overpriced drinks but it took us half an hour to get someone to sell us one-meanwhile you are not permitted to bring your own. Other than not having half the stuff it claims, and being overall mediocre, it is alright, but I would not stay there again.

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Dear Kathryn, Thanks so much for your comment. There are 3 hostels, two of them have swimming pool and there are daily transfers to go to the swimming pool. There is internet, there is a computer for guests and also wi fi. There is a bar in each hostel, and there are daily meals offered in each hostel but we join all the customers in one hostel for them to meet people and have a great time all together. The receptionist should have informed all these to you. Best Regards, Eugenia.

Circus Hostel&Hotel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

great hostel, good breakfast, I would stay again for sure.

YMCA Universitaria Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

the staff were very nice and helpful, it was kind of a strange place however. It used to be a kindergarden and you can tell. There are cartoons painted all over every possible surface and some of the bathrooms (sinks, showers) are miniature. Overall a decent place to stay.

The Hostel B&B Utrecht City Center

Utrecht, Netherlands

A great value for the money, especially because you can eat all your meals there for free-A nice place but because they have so much food that people cook themselves the kitchen can be a bit of a zoo and a mess, and there are no lockers. Nice patio however and an overall nice place. I would stay again.

Zodiakus Hostel

Krakow, Poland

The hostel was great, clean and secure. The staff was very nice as well and brought us cakes and other treats on many occasions. I'd definately stay here again.