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Old Prague Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

My room was a 6-bed dorm but effectively it had 12 b/c another 6-bed dorm could only be accessed through our room! That increased the noise a LOT, reduced security b/c so many people walked through, further reduced security as the people in the 2nd room went to the bathroom & not take their key so they would leave our door unlocked to get back in. Then someone locked our door & the person who went to the bathroom would have to knock on our door & we would have to get out of bed to let them in.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Fancy ground floor. with a hanger-size common room. Very institutional upper floors where the dorms are. As far as hostels go (I've stayed in a LOT) it's expensive - they don't even provide a towel. An OK breakfast is an additional 1,000 Florins. Shower temperature changes at will, even at 6:30 am. Good luck trying to figure out how the locking device works on the lockers. Cozy this place ain't. Next time I'd choose a smaller, hostel. I asked how many beds they have & they told me "450"!

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Hi there!Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that you didn`t have fun.We do provide towels,you can get them at the reception&our AYCEat breaky is nice&cheap comparing to the downtown prices,elswhere you`d only get a coffee&sandwich for this.And yes,we are a huge hostel with its pros&contras and we try our best to get the best out of it.Next time pls let us know if you have any technical issues or you need assistance with anything.Hope to see you again though,cheers fom Budapest

Agorà Hostel Deluxe

Pompei, Italy

Spectacular breakfast! Quality, quantity & variety: wow! (I think they must have been expecting the Pope.) However, the wi-fi did not work at all. A staff member said the router was in the Hotel Monmartre next door so I should go to do my internet work in their lobby which is where the router is. The lobby there was full of squealing kids & mosquitoes. The view from my balcony was directly onto the beach & sea. Nice. No charge for parking. A huge double bed plus bunk beds for me, just 1 person.

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Hi Tim, how are you? Thanks for your review on our breakfast ^_^ but we didn't understand just one thing: in the hotel Monmartre doesn't work the wifi on in our hostel? :-D Have a beautiful day and enjoy your life ^_^ Hugs Lorena and vincenzo


Bring ear plugs - the traffic on the street below is noisy. Beautiful architecture, ceilings high enough they could have bunk beds to 4 levels! A very good breakfast. Lots of recycled items (shelving, some furniture etc) but the lockers REALLY need to be changed as they are not even remotely secure b/c the wood & the hardware are very, very flimsy - a 10-year-old child could break in easily. The mixed dorm requires better air circulation as the small fan was inadequate in this room without A.C.

Haris Youth Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Guests will meet the family who own the hostel, all nice people. A good large common room with kitchen. The bunk rooms could use mirrors, a small table & chair. The distance between the lower bunk & upper bunk is suitable for children b/c it's short & is uncomfortable for adults to eg. sit on the bunk to use your laptop. A nice upstairs porch. The shower nozzels need hardware to hang 'em, or you have to hold it. It's a long walk up a steep hill from the tram, especially after a tiring day.

Funny Dolphin Hostel

Sevastopol, Ukraine

I refuse to fill this out because the cursor will not go where I want it to, to make corrections. It will only go to the very end of the comment, no where else. Hence, it's a real pain in the ass completing the comments section because I can't edit my writing when I'm done.