Reviews: Anonymous

Haris Youth Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Guests will meet the family who own the hostel, all nice people. A good large common room with kitchen. The bunk rooms could use mirrors, a small table & chair. The distance between the lower bunk & upper bunk is suitable for children b/c it's short & is uncomfortable for adults to eg. sit on the bunk to use your laptop. A nice upstairs porch. The shower nozzels need hardware to hang 'em, or you have to hold it. It's a long walk up a steep hill from the tram, especially after a tiring day.

Funny Dolphin Hostel

Sevastopol, Ukraine

I refuse to fill this out because the cursor will not go where I want it to, to make corrections. It will only go to the very end of the comment, no where else. Hence, it's a real pain in the ass completing the comments section because I can't edit my writing when I'm done.