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The Local NYC

New York, USA

Although this place was expensive as far as hostels go, for this city it's hard to beat this price. The beds/blankets/pillows were comfy and the rooms were very clean. The lockers were good. It was four of us girls sharing one bathroom in our room, but I never felt like it was a problem. The staff was friendly, and I liked that they had a bar in the hostel, where coffee drinks were also available. The rooftop view is really nice. There are some places to eat nearby, and a subway stop.

Wake Up! Sydney Central

Sydney, Australia

This place is like the perfection of hostels! All the things that people rate on, they have it!-- Great security, location, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness, facilities... They even throw in some free stuff like a free coffee drink at their café and a beer when you go to their travel talk. They also have free things to do, and good deals on food. Anyway, very good hostel.

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Hi Raquel, We appreciate your kind words and wish you well on your future travels. Cheers Dev Penney General Manager Wake Up! Sydney


Awesome place! It's like a resort for backpackers. There's a restaurant, bar, and café onsite, and awesome staff who will help you book any tours you'd like to do. My room was very clean (when I stayed in the girls' dorm, the beds and lockers were brand new), and the same with the bathrooms. I like the lounge área outside, with the beach right in front. They have free activities and a free dance show that is actually really good. I'd recommend this place for sure. :)

Dayspring B&B Lodge Tonga

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

The staff here were so cute and always willing to help me out with whatever I needed, I liked the breakfast in the morning, and the cute patio área they had. They were also good at arranging rides or tours, and had bicycles for rent if you wanted to bike to town yourself. A very cute place to stay.

Dave Parker Eco Lodge

Apia, Samoa

The view from this place is very nice, but that's about it. The staff was dishonest, with the main guy overcharging me at the end without any good explanation, but demanding the payment. When I caught my cab to town some of the employees hopped in the back and I was the only one who paid anything. I put bad value because they don't offer a free shuttle, and the transportation to and from the site costs many times the cost of the price to stay there. Other places are way better.

Nomads Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

This hostel had good points-- it was right in the city, the staff in their travel help área next door was awesome, there were always showers and toilets available... But there were some bad points too-- the dormrooms are really hot, there was always a line down in reception, and because there were so many people staying here things like your food getting stolen out of the fridge were common.

Backpackers International

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This hostel was the kind of hostel where it's easy to meet other hostelers and have a fun time hanging out with them. Very chill place, just down the road from a nice beach área, and not far from some good snorkeling spots.

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Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed your time with us.

Taaroa Lodge

Tahiti, French Polynesia

I had a good time at this hostel. The couple that owns it is super sweet, and they try really hard to help the guests out with what they need. At first I thought the location was a pain, but once I figured out the bus system, then it was okay. But it's right on the ocean with really pretty sunsets every night, and there's a little grocery store right there and some food trucks that are open at night. I'd recommend this place to people who want a chill island experience.

Bellavista Hostel

Santiago, Chile

This was kind of just a basic hostel, a place to sleep. I don't think I even saw any of the other hostellers while I was there. The staff was very nice and helpful, though. And it's close to a bunch of cute restaurants that seem safe to stroll around at night, so that was a plus. The breakfast was also very good. I'd say it's a good place to stay, just as long as you're not expecting to meet other hostellers or have that kind of hostelling experience.


I've stayed at this hostel a couple of times before, and it's good as it always has been. Great staff, great location... It's a really good hostel to meet other hostellers at. My only complaints would be that with only one bathroom for eight people, it can be hard to get in there sometimes. I wish they had some extra bathrooms downstairs. I would also like more lockers in the room itself. There were four lockers for eight people. But I still think this is a great hostel! :)


Hope you like the color purple! :P This place was a nice place to spend the night... Peaceful, which was good, because the only reason I was in David was to catch a bus early the next morning. That's what this hostel was was just a peaceful place to stay. The staff was nice enough, and the house was nice enough and clean. But don't expect a party here!

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Well, the hostel gods of PEACE and QUIET must have been shining their countenance upon you because things can get pretty loud and crazy here too, at times we have quite the party crowd! Happy you got your good night sleep when you needed it!

Cool Vibes Beach Front Hostel

Dominical, Costa Rica

I loved this hostel! It totally suits Dominical.. Laid-back and surf style. I mean, you even get to sit in the chairs in the common room área and WATCH the surf. :) There are surfboards there to rent, of different sizes, and all you have to do is walk across the little street and you're at the beach. It's also not that far of a walk to get to the main town. I loved the chill vibe of this place, and the couple that owned the place was super sweet. Also, free coffee all day (well, until night).

Bello Horizonte Yoga Jungle Hostel

Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

This is not an ordinary hostel, it's actually more like jungle cabins. Which was totally awesome, though! They drive you out to the place in a 4x4 truck, and then there are a bunch of bamboo cabins without any walls, just the bamboo frame, the roof, the floor and then the bunkbeds inside with mosquito netting around them. A very cool place, though. You get to hear the animal sounds in the early morning, and I got to watch the sunrise from my bed. The staff was very friendly.

Hostel Pangea

San Jose, Costa Rica

This was a really awesome hostel. It's like someone said, "What would a hostel be like if you could make the perfect hostel?" Seriously... There's a great atmosphere with the walls all painted, cool sinks, an upstairs bar área with a great view and hammock chairs as well as regular ones, a cool pool, a place to book tours... They also have a good food menu available at the bar, and the bartender was really cool and nice. A plus, there's a cute tapas place/cafe about two doors away.

Popol Vuh

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Picture of Raquel Ream This was a very chill hostel, with the hammocks in the middle área, and was also extremely close to the beach, and in a good spot to get to everything else. It's very rustic, though, so if you come here, you've got to be wanting that chill beach vibe and not a whole lot else. But not a bad place to stay. Oh, the breakfast was good, just thought I'd write that.


This hostel was great! It definitely is a party hostel, so people who plan on staying here should be prepared for that (as in, there's loud music playing a lot of the time, and people will be coming in late at night from their night out. The hostel had an event available each evening, that had drinks in the lobby before the event and a party shuttle to get there.. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The location is great, with the beach and the bars/clubs/pizza places/covenience store there

Iguazu Falls Hostel

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Nice hostel, I´d recommend it. I liked the back yard area with the pool, and it was easy to meet people. The front desk people were friendly, and the hostel is really close to the main bus station, and only a few blocks away from the main restaurant and pub area.

Katharina House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

This was a good hostel... I liked the bar área outside, and the staff was nice. It would´ve been nice to have lockers in the room, but I guess they have some downstairs.

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Great hostel! I recommended it to a friend that was headed to Puerto Iguazú. I really liked the feel of the place... Tables under the trees, the pool, the little bar área... The staff was friendly and they had a lot of options for things to do in the área.

Hostel Manaus

Manaus, Brazil

This was a good hostel. The upstairs dining area has a nice view, and sitting on the patio with the trees around you is really pleasant. I liked the big locker drawers under the bunkbeds too. The shower wasn´t really warm, but it seems to be that way everywhere I go in Brazil. The only real bummer about this place was the location... Although it was close to where a lot of buses stop, there weren´t a lot of options for places to get food nearby, or anything really that cool to walk to.

El Misti House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I had a great time during my stay here, it was a lot of fun! They had welcome caipirinhas, and the party they had for New Year´s Eve was really good. The setup of the place made it really easy to meet other hostelers and find groups to go with to different places around the city. They had a lot of activities available, and even if you didn´t feel like going out on a particular night, there were always people hanging out that you could talk with, and beers available for 3 reals.

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Hostel Suites Obelisco

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I've stayed at this hostel before, and I really liked it then and I still really like it now. The staff is very helpful and friendly, I like the vibe of the place, the location is great.... It's also a place where it's really easy to meet other hostelers and they have a lot of activities, so you can definitely have some fun here. I'd highly recommend this place.


Not a bad place to stay, but not as nice or as fun as some other hostels I've stayed at in Waikiki before. This place was pretty plain, with no area that people really hung out to meet other hostelers. But, on the good side, this place was really chill and it was always easy to get to sleep since there wasn't any partying going on at night. But if you'd like to have fun and meet other hostelers, there are a couple of other places in Waikiki that are better for that.

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You're absolutely right, this is not the "party hostel." Most people wake up early, go explore the islands, come back later cook a meal and catch up with friends on FB.

Be Ramblas Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The location was great, near La Rambla and public transportation. It was a nice place to stay, and all the staff members were nice and helpful. I'd say that this is isn't the hostel you go to if you're trying to meet other hostelers, though. Other than seeing some people at breakfast, we really didn't see anyone around the hostel. But it's great for some peace and quiet that way, if that's what you're looking for.

  • 6th Nov 2012
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San Geremia Rooms

Venice, Italy

The location for this hotel is great, it's in an area that's good for walking around. The staff were all very friendly and wanted to help out with whatever they could. The only down points I'd say was that they didn't have breakfast included (they give you a voucher that makes it so you don't have to pay the sit down fee at the restaurant next door), and it seemed like it would be very easy for someone to steal something out of the bag storage area since they don't have anyone watching that area

Nomads Noosa

Noosa, Australia

Good hostel, a little lonely though. I was the only person in a huge room for a period of time, and since it was chilly outside no one was hanging out in the pool area. So if you're looking to meet people, this one might be a little hard, at least this time of year. But good staff, clean, I liked the outdoor walkways all lit up at night. I thought it was a good place to stay.

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I'm sorry to hear you were all alone in your room. This time of year is very quiet for us and filling our rooms is a lot harder. I hope one day you will visit Noosa again, and experience the warm weather. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!

Backpackers Holiday Village

Byron Bay, Australia

Nice hostel... Pretty clean, the staff were really nice... People had written about how horrible of a party hostel this is, but even though there was the outdoor common area where everyone talks during the evening, it wasn't crazy and I was able to sleep fine when I was in my room. The only thing I didn't really like was the security. There were no lockers in the rooms, and the place where you could put your luggage for the day had a sign that said, "Leave belongings at your own risk."

Noosa Backpackers Resort

Noosa, Australia

I loved this hostel! It really is a "resort" for backpackers- cute bar, on-site laundry, pool, travel help, restaurant... I loved the feel of this place, lots of plants, chill atmosphere, very cute. The staff was very friendly. The only "bad" part about this place is that they're kinda far from things walking, but to make up for that they have a free shuttle that runs to different places throughout the day. The pizza + a beer is a great deal too. I really liked this place!!

River City Inn

Singapore, Singapore

I wish I could score higher than excellent for the staff here, they were so good! So helpful and friendly and smiley, doing things like lugging my suitcase down the stairs for me when I was leaving... one of them came looking for me in my room when a friend of mine had shown up at the front door.. Also, I don't think there could be a cleaner place, and it felt very safe, and it was located less than a block away from where everything was happening along the river, it was a great place to stay.

KoTo Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

This is more of a small hotel than a hostel, so don't go if you're looking to make friends or party or any of that. It's a nice place to stay though, with nice rooms and the staff was ridiculously nice and willing to help with anything. It's a little bit farther away from the crazy night life than some of the other hostels I saw on my way there, but maybe that's good for some people. If not, it's not a very long walk to get to the main center of things.


I have stayed here before, and have now stayed at all the hostels on Lemon Rd, and sorry, but this one is my favorite! The common area is awesome and it is very easy to meet to meet a lot of cool people, the staff was super friendly and helpful with a lot of different things, the laundry area is easy and great, there's an ATM and a machine to change cash to quarters for the lockers and laundry. Big fridges in all the rooms and lockers available. One of the best hostels I've been to!


I've stayed at every hostel on Lemon Rd. now, and this one is one of the good ones. Friendly staff, big lockers in the room, honest vibe about the place. Also, this is a great location (just like all of them on this street).

Hostel Yanquetruz

Mar del Plata, Argentina

No customer comment

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

I thought it was a nice place to stay at a really good price. The staff were excellent, I had them go out of their way to help me various times. I liked the atmosphere as well, very cute. My only criticisms are that since it´s in one of the alleyways I can see how it´d be difficult to find at first (I used google maps though), and there were only two bathrooms for the whole place and only one of those had a sink. But overall I liked it. :)

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

I didn´t think this hostel was AS horrible as all the reviews I had read. Yes, the showers were not the greatest (you don´t get to pick the temperature so I had one kinda cold shower, one too hot shower, and one perfect one), and my room smelled like paint, but the staff all speak English, Spanish and French, and there were lots of activities and help available, and the location was great, being close to the metro and a post office as well as the Eiffel Tower. I had a good time here.