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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 30

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Great staff, clean beds and bathrooms. Staff were super friendly. Small note for the maintenance folk - Room 3's shower did not drain very well, could be something to check into. Otherwise, quiet and clean and just what I needed. Cheers!

Dockside Hostel Old Town

Stockholm, Sweden

I was in and out in a jiffy so I didn't get to spend much time checking out the facilities or chatting with the staff, but the ones I did have contact with were lovely and very accomodating my unique circumstances. A bed is a bed at the end of the day, I needed one, they got me one. Thanks for helping me out. Cheers!

2kronor Hostel - Vasastan

Stockholm, Sweden

Apologies to those in my room who bore the brunt of my sleep-talking. It'd been 37 hours without sleep and I was more than a little stressed. Thank you Andrea, for a lovely chat at reception, I hope your trip to Edinburgh was as awesome as mine was! Nice hostel with friendly and helpful staff. Cheers!

Pal's Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Right next to the Basilica, the location is perfect. Built around a central courtyard, the main building is a quiet and peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. Staff were great. My private room was large, clean, and well-ventilated. The bathroom and kitchen were both clean. I loved the atmosphere of the place and really enjoyed my stay. Köszönöm!

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel rocks! The new bar serves up some amazingly tasty meals and the renovations to the entire hostel have made it even more funky and fun than it used to be! Right in the Grassmarket, there is heaps to look at and the daily walking tours from reception give you a solid starting point for your own explorations. Pub crawls, friendly staff, comfortable beds, and a beautiful Scottish lady running the place - you can't go wrong!


Had a great time here. The staff were all very helpful, there was lots of cleaning going on and the bar is a great place to meet random backpackers. Cheap cheap cheap drink specials and Neil in the kitchen whips up some awesome meals! Highly recommended.

Nomads Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

I think Nomads may be a Base in disguise. For someone like me, who hates Base, this proved somewhat of a dispointment. That being said, there were good lockers for each person and there was a great bar with a free entree meal for each guest. The bathroom floor was peeling though and there was no aircon/fan in the room so it was BROILING hot even with the window open. The lift was broken and there are 7 floors!! Staff were friendly enough though and the location is excellent.

Blarneys Rock Backpackers

Rotorua, New Zealand

Wonderful hostel with clean facilities and amazingly friendly staff! Downsides would be the heat of the room (no fan or air-con) and that if you're in the shower for more than 4 minutes, you completely lose pressure. Otherwise, great time and I would definately not hesitate to stay again! Thanks Annette!

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Hi Erin, Thank you for your comment. We do have fans available to guest on request. We don't like to leave the fans in the rooms as guest have a tendency to leave them going when they are out. Here in NZ, conserving electricity is a biggy. As for the showers, that's a new one and I'll definitely look into it.

Taupo Urban Retreat

Taupo, New Zealand

Great location, surrounded by shops but only 5 minutes walk to the lake. Amazingly friendly and helpful staff, super cheap drinks at the bar and one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in!! Everything was very clean - my only complaint would be the size of the room - there's barely any space to turn around in the quad dorm. Though there is lockable under-bed storage boxes that help keep things organized. Overall - great stay! Thanks!

Bumbles Backpackers Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand

Not in the middle of the town but its location on the waterfront is perfect! Amazing views, beds are comfortable and the bathrooms are clean. Staff a little bit strange but nice :) Backpackers

Christchurch, New Zealand

Location is a 3 minute walk from the Square, one of the cleanest hostels I have stayed in, bright colours and warm beds. Only downsides were: beds were hard as rocks (no give whatsoever), security was lax (you could walk right past reception without them noticing) and kitchen was small and often crowded. Free wireless and ensuite rooms make up for this though!!

D.lux Hostel

Sydney, Australia

Mattresses are very comfy and having an ensuite definately helps too! Only stayed one night though so didn't get to experience the free BBQ and goon night. That would have been cool!

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

The staff could definately have been friendlier - although granted, the bar is the checkin desk, you always had to search among the seated people to find a staff member and since you are charged 5 euro if you leave with your key (even in a twin room when it's only you in there) you had to try and drag one away from their conversations just to give them their key. There was never a shortage of hot water and the pressure was excellent though the sacks half-filled with lumps that passed for pillows could have been replaced with something better. Was happy that at least there was no smoking outside of the bar.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

I did not actually stay at the Euro Hostel as plans were changed, but I DID pop into reception to tell them I was cancelling and the staff were super nice and did everything really quickly for me! Everything was really clean and although I only saw reception, I think it was a good indicator of what the rooms were like! Even though I was not a guest, I was still given a map and shown directions to where I was headed. Wish I could have stayed - seemed like a great place!

The Globetrotter Inn Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Globetrotter Inn is off the beaten path - it\'s about 20 minutes outside Edinburgh, right on the ocean. There is an hourly shuttle into the city centre but if you\'re wanting to be right in the thick of things, this is not the hostel. Security is awesome and the staff are friendly. You have a lot of privacy with your own curtain around your very comfy bed. There is a bar in house with cheap drinks and discounts for longtermers. Overall, a nice rest place, but again, NOT in the city centre. To each his own, eh?

Traveller's Inn

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was not at all impressed with this hostel. The rooms were too small for the amount of beds in them, the beds themselves were all bent springs, there was no heating and the one blanket you got was way too thin, the other guests were inconsiderate and the staff was unhelpful. Was set to stay for 3 nights and could only manage one before I knew I had to find somewhere else. And then they wouldn\'t even give me a refund for any of the 2 nights I was NOT staying - even though the hostel was mostly empty and I was not taking up space that might have been used! Overall, NOT happy.


Spent 5 weeks living at Astor\'s Hyde Park Hostel when I only intend to stay 3 nights in London. The staff are friendly and knowledgable about things to do and see. The bar is well-stoked and Anna the barkeep is a treasure to hold on to. Many amazing themed nights almost every Friday night and Karaoke every couple of weeks means you can stay close to your bed and still have a fantastic time!