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Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

One female staff gave me outdated information about city tour location. Not a huge problem, but helpful if staff is up-to-date with current information. The male receptionist on late shift was very helpful, nice guy with excellent English, which helps for those who don't speak Bosnian. Bathrooms never had enough toilet paper (although maybe more a problem guest usage), but staff should be attentive to this. Also, hot was a problem everyday for shower. Need for better storage, i.e. laptop size

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

Hard to find. clean sheets, room. get taxi price quote to give to your taxi driver coming in from airport/train station. They will try to rip you off. Staff is excellent. Hostel food is great. I defo recommend the Fez old city tour offered by hostel. The old city is VERY hard to navigate at first. This tour will get you your barrings and hits the main sights. You will not regret it. And take a taxi to the hilltop of the city at sunset. Amazing picture opportunity and very peaceful, relaxing.


Berlin, Germany

This is your stereotypical hostel - it's just a bed, a place to shower. Bed is ok, sheets are clean. Rooms smell but that is the backpackers, not the hostel's fault. Showers/bathroom are ok. The place 100+ beds, so rooms get REALLY noisy and the staff does not do anything to keep the noise down, even though there are signs to be quiet after midnight. ASK FOR A RECEIPT AFTER PAYING. I had to pay twice because of an accounting error. I didn't fight it cause no other options for places to stay.


Great place, close to the alhambra as well as well located for other sites. Staff was very accommodating and super helpful/friendly. Bed/sheets were clean. Shower is a bit small. Great place for price.

The Boutike Hostel

Seville, Spain

This is one of the **best** hostels I have ever stayed at and I have stayed at over 50 hostels around the world over the past 7 years. The bed was nice, clean sheets/towel, hot water, great breakfast (considering it was free), free computer to use free internet and the location was 5 mins from major attractions. One problem, showers are small and the drainage system in bathroom is not good so the floor gets wet. Staff is EXCELLENT, helpful. This place is a must stay!!

Hostel Croydon

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The night crew were very nice and helpful. The guy who sits there during the day didn't care about the guests (or so it seemed). The place has clean sheets/towel, warm water and gives you a decent night's sleep. The toilets are squeezed into the bathrooms which makes it awkward to use since you have to maneuver a bit to sit down because of the limited space. Amsterdam is expensive, and this is one of the lowest priced hostels in the area.


The location is good. You are a five walk to metro and 10 minute walk (or less) to plaza del sol. You get clean sheets, but NO towel, a warm shower and a decent night's sleep. The place is big so on the weekends you gets tons of people and LOTS of noise. If that's a problem for you (early or lite sleeper), you won't like this place. It's a hostel, so I don't expect anything fancy, but the big problem with this place is that it feels like you're in a developing country and not Spain.

AZ Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

this hostel is your basic hostel. if you want clean sheets, a place to sleep and warm shower in the morning and located right in the heart of old prague - this i a good option. I am not sure of the staff is rude/stand-off-ish, or just lack english skills, but than again it's a hostel and they probably are just getting minimum wage. i would stay here again considering the price and location.

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Hello Anser. Thank you for your comment. We are looking forward to see you next time. Best Regards, AZ Hostel.

Margareten Hostel

Vienna, Austria

I did a 3 city tour - Budapest, Vienna, Prague. Vienna hostel prices are the highest, especially considering this hostel is 20 mins from the city center. The owner, (I think is his name is Sab) and his staff are excellent.... very nice, friendly and helpful. There is cereal and bread/jam for breakfast - nice touch. The place is warm, warm shower, clean sheets and good nights rest. It meets the basic hostel requirements, but the price is a little high, though might be average for Vienna.

Adagio Hostel 2.0 Basilica

Budapest, Hungary

I have traveled to over 30 countries in the past 6 years, and usually stay at hostels because I just need a CLEAN place to sleep and warm shower and use the money saved on other stuff. Adagio Hostel 2.0 Basilica maybe the best hostel I have ever stayed at. Clean, excellent facilities, good bed, clean sheets, bathroom can be a little crowded, but excellent location. Staff was awesome and super helpful. BEST VALUE For the money - hands down! if you go to Budapest - this is the place to stay.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

This was a spur-of-the-moment trip to Ireland, so I didn't shop around for prices. I could have found lower rates, but for what worked out to a few dollars more night, I got great hostel! The staff: friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Location is great. Close to public transport for onward journey or airport, restaurants and grocery stores. Best part - very clean (for a hostel) and they give you breakfast.

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Delighted you had a good time with us - I'm not too sure you would have found cheaper rates - we do try and be competitive. Do come back.

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

France is expensive. So are most of the hostels, but this place is more like a hotel than a hostel. Very clean and they had computers to use for free, which was great!! there are some GREAT food places, grocery store and metro all within a few minutes walk. The down side: VERY SMALL BATHROOMS, really pricey hostel and far from downtown Paris, though close to Sacre Couer. Nice place, but expensive.

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

Rome is expensive, and so are the hostels, especially considering how little you get. This place was old and the bathrooms were not well maintained. I am the type of traveler who just needs place to sleep and shower, so it worked. i also heard that many of the other hostels in rome are about the same. Regardless, the location is good, walking distance to metro/train, which is HUGELY important in Italy. It's a hostel, which are suppose to be cheap/bare minimum. This place is exactly that.

La Pescheria Backpackers

Venice, Italy

Italy, like Europe, is expensive, and so it this hostel for what you get. This hostel is very basic, but clean. Location is excellent!. You are minutes away from the water taxi and active plaza and sites. I didn't spend much time in the hostel except to shower and sleep so I didnt have that much interaction with staff/guests. But I would stay here again if I ever venture back to Venice. Be advised: There are NO computers at the hostel, but the staff let me use their laptop.

Locanda Rocco

Florence, Italy

Italy is expensive, so it was nice to find a reasonably priced hostel. It's VERY basic. It feels like a summer camping lodge. But it is clean and the staff is super nice and very helpful. The location is great. I was just in the hostel to sleep and shower, so it was excellent considering the price and location and considering that is all i need in a hostel, this place was worth it and i would definitely stay here again if i ever go back to florence.

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

To start with, it's a hostel. It ain't the president suite at the W Hotel. With that said, this place is not just a bargain, it's a steal! I paid $8/night. What I got was a*super* clean bathroom, hot water for showers (24hours/day), clean sheets, clean towel, good bed, good night sleep, and a place with a *super* location. 15 second walk to good food, 25 second walk to metro, one minute walk to MAJOR site-seeing. If you just need aplace to sleep/shower - Cordial House is the place to be!!

Freedom Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

' It is not too often that the main attraction at your hostel is the staff. But Hussein at Freedom Hostel maybe one of the best hostel staff people I have ever met in all my years of travel. So very helpful and insightful, not mention extremely personable and kind. He is a true stand-out. As for the hostel itself, it is well keep, clean and affordable. All I look for are clean sheets, a good night's sleep and hot shower at anytime of the day. You'll get that here. The location is the one downside - it's far from the major sites. But I would definitely stay here again if I ever return to Cairo.


Athens, Greece

The staff is here is awesome. Kind, helpful and had better suggestions and recommendations than the tour guides and books like Lonely Planet, etc. Beds and sheets/towels were clean. The bathroom could have a better shower facility. They have a hand held shower head which makes showering difficult, and one day there was no hot water. Super close to the metro and good value for your money. It's you average hostel. If you need place to sleep, shower and close to the sights - this place works.

Orange Inn

Kyoto, Japan

I stayed here because everywhere else was booked the weekend I visited Kyoto. BUt this hostel is so far away from everything that it's worth spending more money to stay elsewhere, then in the time you lose trying to get to and from the hostel. The place is clean and I don't have any complaints of the staff, but I would NOT stay here ever again because of its location.


It's definately different.

Beewon Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

I visited 11 Asian countries over 2006 and 2007, and numerous cities. This staff was THEE best i stayed with. BUT! the hostel is VERY VERY hard to find. My taxi driver couldn;t find it either... and he had a map.

Equator Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Few hostels, if any, can meet 5 Star expectations. But in terms of hospitality and help, the staff at Equator Hostel are on par with the best. Hady was expectional helpful in helping me map out my travel agenda while in KL. The whole staff is very friendly and knowledgable. One of the part time staffers even stayed up late for my 3AM arrival. Few places will welcome you you they way they did. The laid back atmosphere is fun and the rooms are clean. Would stay there again - for sure.

Fragrance Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore's "budget hostels" are not cheap when compared to other Asian cities. I don't like the dorm style rooms, but that is all Singapore's budget hostels seem to offer. Luckily the guys in my dorm were cool and CLEAN! It's a good place to stay and good location.

Hanoi Blue Sky Hotel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Blue Sky gets a solid two thumbs up! I am as picky as they get... so coming from me... that means something. Trust me! It's a hike up the steep, narrow stairwell, though... so be sure to request a room on the lowest floor available. The staff is awesome: friendly, cooperative, and very, very helpful. I would stay here again and definately recommend it. It's the way to go in Hanoi.

Yellow House Hotel aka Nga Hoang

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This place was fine, but the staff was HORRIBLE! The late shift guy, whose name I do not know, took my passprt (as they all do) and just left it out on the table where he was sitting and tutoring some kid. I got into a fight with him before he would put it away. Why he was being so uncooperative- who knows. But this is a serious document and he was being so casuala bit leaving it out in the their business lobby. Second they were exchanging money at the lower exhange rate and charging my account at the higher rate! I didn't notice all this until I checked out. Shame on me for letting this happen, so I can only blame myself. Then were all these added 'fees' on my bill which they were not clear or up-front about. I was really disappointed because otherwise HCM city was a blast!