Reviews: Anonymous

Amsterdam Hotelboat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

So clean, GREAT breakfast, nice staff, quaint and cute! Nothing negative to say! This is one of the cutest places I've ever stayed in Europe; highly recommend.

3BE Backpackers Bed

Eindhoven, Netherlands

What a nice place! So clean and aesthetically pleasing. The only thing that was weird was the rooms do not have locks on them. However, they do provide you with a free locker.


The Hague, Netherlands

SOOO DISSAPOINTED! And warning: there is NO POOL! (even though it says under amenities that it has an 'indoor pool,' 'outdoor pool,' and 'swimming pool'). This is the place to be if you want to be up all night drinking and doing drugs. We did not feel safe walking to the bathroom in the evening, as you have to walk through a dark staircase with random drunk people bumping into you. The overall feel of this place: SCARY

Mainstation Hostel

Fussen, Germany

Great place to stay! Staff were the nicest of any i've come across!! Only downfall I would say is that toilets and showers are located off stairwell, which can be dark and scary at night. Otherwise, this place was fabulous!

Charlie Rockets

Bruges, Belgium

Fun bar downstairs. Staff were not helpful when we called for directions from the train station, and hostel was difficult to find (hidden on side street). Rooms are upstairs from the bar off a creepy green staircase. Showers and toilets not so clean. On upside, rooms seemed clean and overall location to center of city was good.

Marlborough Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Oh man, please, please, please DO NOT CHOOSE THIS HOSTEL! I have stayed in many hostels and this one is by far the worst. the showers were soooo gross, the breakfast was 2 tubs of cereal (which i saw someone put there hand in), and INSTANT coffee, not even real coffee. the women/men's toilets are only on every other floor, so if you are on the wrong floor, then you will not have a toilet near by. cramped and stifled feel to this hostel. the staff were not kind, and on top of every thing else, there was no sink in the rooms and the beds were crammed together. More like Marl-disguisting :(

Tourist Hotel Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

pretty cool place... really nice location and pretty view the only downside is having to pay for everthing extra; like towels, internet, and others. free linen and breakfast (delectable breakfast), though, which was nice

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

They make you pay xtra for everything here! it sucks. The staff were also very impersonal and non-helpful don't recommend