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Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

Join the Jazz Blue experience is really enjoyable....

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Hello, Thank you very much for staying with us during your time in Chicago. We're glad you rocked out with us on Monday at Kingston Mines. We can't wait to see you again. Cheers, Jason Schultz General Manager

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

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Great location with great staff....will be back again...

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Thank you for staying with us. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Hostel Republica Inactive

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Put more staff that can communicate foreigners with good english

Tree In Lodge

Singapore, Singapore

Great staff and very friendly and green-minded.....highly recommend to stay in Tree in lodge!!

Belgravia Rooms

London, England

Good location......real close to Victoria Rail and Coach station......but the left luggage service should be free.... and no breakfast provided...................

Hostel Bell

Prague, Czech Republic

The lady boss is a very passionate and responsible business owner. Definitely will come back. It will be a good excercise to train your legs since it's located on third floor without a lift. That's why the lady boss looks so young!

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Thank you!

Gardenhouse Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great location! Good staff. Good atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Maxim Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The guy in charge is real smart. He has made some changes in general hostel management. No check out time, no deposit, no much rules............. pretty liberal and up to u! So highly recommend to stay here!!! Thank Thomas for your great hospitality!!!!

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Overal it's a good hostel. The staff are friendly and helpful. But the hostel lacks a kitchen.The boss is just too smart so that we can't buy our breakfast and drinks and store them since there is no kitchen provided. So it's a good strategy if u plan to open and operate a hostel. Just learn from Euro Youth Hotel!

Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice, Italy

The bald head receptionist is just a great and funny guy. He is really helpful and thoughtful. The service and room conditions are much much better than Hotel Giovannina. The water pressure in the shower room is strong and the heater is strong in the room. So if u're scared of cold weather, better take Nuova Locanda Belvedere!!

Hotel Giovannina

Venice, Italy

The water pressure in the shower room is so damn low and slow ...... just suffering from taking a shower. Moreover, the heater is not on in the room. Just bad............. Better take Hotel Nouva Locanda Belvedere!!!

V.B. Apartments

Valletta, Malta

There is a weird guy in the living room but the other tall guy is really helpful and hospital in servicing people. But u need more energy to walk up to 5-6 flights of staircase....good to train your legs!!!


A small hostel with many ridiculous rules. It's ok to stay for 1-2 nights but if u stay more than 2 nights....then u need to get used to this prison-like hostel....... please remember to wake up before the check-out time!!! Otherwise the key deposit €20 will be burnt like ashes!!!!!! So don't fall in this trap but it always happen cuz many guys just got pretty drunk or wake up late after crazy party nights!! So the manager cum owner of the hostel is just damn smart!!!!

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Hope the receptionists could be more friendly and helpful.....please don't feel surprised.......all the Spanish people like to chat and talk......not focused... so not surprised for the receptionists as well!!!

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

The triple-deck bed structure is just too much for me. Sleeping in the top of the bed in 3rd level really makes me sleep in "Heaven". Just too scary.......

Freestyle Hostel

Rome, Italy

Yusof and Tilto are great people. They really help me out. Thank guys!

Sevilla Inn Backpackers

Seville, Spain

The overall experience in Sevilla Inn Backpackers is not that bad. The staff is helpful especially Mariana Silevero. She is friendly and passionate with people. So highly recommended to stay in this hostel.