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Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

We had a wonderful time, everything surpassed expectations, and the staff were very friendly and chirpy (:

  • 10th May 2013
  • Novice Nomad
  • Singapore
  • Mixed Group, 18-24
  • (4 reviews)


The breakfast buffet certainly lacked in choice. The food wasn't that great either, definitely not worth the 14 euros we each had to pay for it, excluding taxes. Some of the staff were very pleasant and helpful, sadly, some were not. One of them even got into a heated argument with a customer, even though it was the hotel's fault for serving breakfast an hour late. The bedspreads are clean enough, but the carpets are filthy, with lots of stains. Sadly, we felt that this hotel did not live up to the expectations of a 4-star hotel. It definitely did not add to the joy we had in Madrid. The only plus for this hotel is that each room comes with a computer equipped with the Internet.


The door to the bathroom is partially see-through, so bring around 4 pieces of A4 paper if you wish to cover the transparent part of the glass door. The shower was very interesting and fun, with plenty of hot water for everyone. The rooms are quite cosy and comfortable, but the air above the second bunk was constantly tainted with the smell of cigarette smoke no matter how long we aired the room for. Breakfast there was quite enjoyable! Though the selection wasn´t that great, there was definitely enough, and the food tasted good.

AinB Born-Tiradors

Barcelona, Spain

The toilet comes with a good washing machine and dryer. The dryer helps to heat up the toilet a little, which can become too chilly sometimes. Fantastic view from the balcony at the rooftop. You can see many tourist attractions from there, like Sagrada Familia and a few other churches. The overhead lighting at the upper floor was rather dim, though, and the balcony has no lighting. The apartment is located in a rather dodgy place in an alley. The bar opposite the apartment can get rather rowdy at night too. However, it´s quite near to a quaint shopping area, about 5-10 mins walk from the apartment. Overall, it was quite a pleasant stay at the apartment.