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Iriya Station Hotel

Tokyo, Japan

I usually stay at Iriya Station Hotel when in Tokyo. The rooms are truly tiny, and the hotel is a little old, but it's very clean and functional, and if all you want is a bed and a bathroom, then it's a very good deal. It's very near the subway (Hibiya Line) which is one stop from Ueno, which is conveniently a Shinkansen stop (for some lines) so I often stay here if I'm getting up early to go skiing the next day.

Econo Lodge City Central

Auckland, New Zealand

This is a simple hotel in a great location in the centre of the CBD. My room was clean and, as others said, very small, but still a great deal for the price. The only thing to watch is that the clerk on the desk in the morning tried to charge me significantly more than that quoted by Hostelworld. I think it was a genuine mistake, and once pointed out he accepted the correct price without issue, but it might be a good idea to check that you pay the right amount when leaving.

Etika Inn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The location is good and staff were friendly, and it felt secure, but that's about as much good as I can say. I stayed in a single room and it was tiny (even compared to tiny single hostel rooms - the toilet was located under a stairwell and the bathroom was so small that the sink had to be placed outside it!) It also wasn't very clean: sheets appeared to have been washed but still had hair from the last person in them, as did the floor. It'll do if you just need a bed in Chinatown.


Some people recommend capsule hotels for the "cultural experience" and others hate them for the same aspects of staying in them. I can't say I find shoe-rituals or showering with naked men culturally enriching, but there are really no hassles once you get used to the drills. I always stay in Capsule hotels for the price, location and convenience. This was as good as any and I'll be back when I'm next in Tokyo.

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Thank you for a stay with our hotel. It's our pleasure to hear that you had a good time. We're looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you. Green Plaza Shinjuku

ZA Hotel

Beijing, China

This place has good rooms, helpful staff, and a beautiful, quiet location beside a park. However, unless you know your way around Beijing and speak Chinese, it is probably more hassle than it's worth finding it-it took me several hours!Even staff who worked in the same building struggled, as there is no map online and they do not provide them there either. Also my room didn't have internet as promised; they first said I needed to updgrade, but eventually agreed to run a cable into the lobby.


This is a well-priced hotel close to the centre of Beijing, and a few minutes walk from the subway. Rooms are only a little more expensive than hostel rooms, and have all the conveniences of a hotel. The only downside I suppose is that it does not have the character of a hostel, but if you want a quiet, safe, clean place to stay in Beijing, I don't think you can beat this place. It's my second time here.

Hotel Chinatown 2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The staff tried to keep my key deposit too. When I checked out they told me my balance was 10 cents. I only inquired after reading so many people complain about the key deposits here. They pretended to look confused, and showed me that on the receipt, I was billed for a night in the "dormitory", as well as for my three nights in the hotel room (which were of course the only three nights I had stayed, as their receipt showed). She again pretended to look confused, but then "nicely" gave back my key deposit anyway. I didn't even know they had a dormitory, and can't possibly see how I could accidently be charged for it (coincidentally the same amount as the key deposit) when I was staying in a hotel room. The hotel clearly has a policy of attempting to steal key deposits. This is theft, if not fraud. The room was not bad for the price, but management are too dishonest for me to recommend this hotel to anyone. I certainly won't be back.

Asha Guest House

Bangkok, Thailand

This was my third stay at Asha. It's clean, safe and nicely located away from the tourist-areas of sukhumvit (go there if you want prostitutes) and Khao Sarn Road (go there if you want to get drunk with other foreigners and be hassled by touts and rip-off taxi drivers), but it's close enough to the sky train that its quick and easy to get to most destinations in bangkok. Rooms and bathrooms are clean and well kept (if a little old) and very good for the price. The bar area, pool and pool table are good places to meet other travellers, and free Internet (albeit a little slow) is a plus too. This is a good place to stay. I'll be back.

All In 1 Guesthouse

Chiang Mai, Thailand

THis was a great place to stay. It was more expensive than other places around, but if you have the money it's worth it. It has all the conveniences and services of a hotel. And they don't pressure you into buying tours / food etc. Very modern and clean. And safe. Joe (night receptionist) is particularly helpful.

Asha Guest House

Bangkok, Thailand

This was a great place to stay. From previous comments I expected it to be very isolated, but it was only ten mins from the "skytrain", which links to the MRT ("subway") which can take you anywhere; it's easier to get to and from than Khao Sarn Rd, which requires a taxi and inevitable traffic jams to get anywhere. Staff are friendly and helpful and there's no pressure to buy tours or other crap you get at KS. It must be said that the mattresses are a little hard and uncomfortable, but this is a small price to pay for an otherwise great place to stay in BKK. I will go back there if I'm back in Thailand again.

Mountbatten Hotel

Sydney, Australia

Ths was a great place to stay: good friendly staff; great location next to Darling harbour and Chinatown, and my room (and I think all others) had recently been done up. ould stay there again.