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The Backpackers Ritz of Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Helpful staff, they answered questions, shuttle bus dropped me along the way at another hotel which was a nice service.

Stand Fast Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great place for cooling off - very helpful, friendly staff, comfortable airconditioned dorm rooms, well ventilated during the day. Bunk beds are sturdy. Very nice, large breakfasts. Quiet for sleeping, too!! Sleeping areas were away from social areas.

El Misti Hostel Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I left after a few hours since the place had no water for over 24 hours, ripped sheets, tiny non-ventilated room with 8 beds - illegal spacing on any country terms! The pits! Sorry - it should be shut down!

Motter Home Curitba Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Fantastic hospitality! Aline maintains a very welcoming hostel. Beds are sturdy, comfortable and rooms well ventilated with windows. V. good kitchen facilities, and breakfast. She informs travelers well about what's happening (just ask her and she ressearches it!), directions, how to get from here to there. One of the best hostels I've stayed in (and this over a 40 year period!!).

Sao Paulo Lodge

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I will return! I actually had to change my dates, and there was no problem. This is a new listing on hostelworld. Managers want to cater to people on 'business' on a budget. The staff were super friendly and went out of their way to help, even for small things, like metro costs/discounts! Bunk beds have enough space to sit up; the decorum is colorful (in a truely Brazilian way); lockers in rooms are adequate size; great breakfasts! Highly recommended!

Hostel Porto Tch�

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Friendly staff, like living with a family, and getting in their way! They don't speak English so at times it was awkward, but they tried.


Great friendly and helpful staff! Rooms quite adequate, and close location to French Q, to buses and tram. Very quiet - not a 'party' place, so good for those late nights wanting rest.


Lovely owner hosts who made me feel comfortable. Convenient kitchen facilities and generous breakfasts of fruit, muffins, and cereal. Close to downtown - a 20 min walk. I liked their request for reciprocity = gratitude, i.e. leave or give something to the house when you leave. Show appreciation!


Nice kitchen arrangements, although my marked food in frig disappeared to 'general for all' after 24 hours! My first room had water leaks onto my bed from roof AC so I was moved to another room. Fine. Great location near tram to downtown French Q.


I had a very pleasant experience. The staff were helpful where possible, and accommodating. Good location near buses and MARTA rail. Kitchen is small for self-catering but doable. Pricey for dorm bed, but I guess Atlanta is that way. I wish there was more help with hostel transport for shorter trips, as taxis are expensive. Easy to get to and from bus stations and airport.

Old Jaffa Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

The reception staff when I arrived was brusque and impatient with me - two women in particular. They should know by now how to be 'nice' to travelers who ask them questions. One question, when I pointed to St. George's church on the map nearby, was in what direction from the hostel is this church. She said, 'I don't know'! Wouldn't staff know about the surrounding sites?

Al-Mutran Guest House

Nazareth, Israel

Very friendly welcoming by Emile! Comfortable and quiet. I could have used a few more nights of rest! Lovely place.

Mugraby Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Great location, near the beaches. My room in an apartment-like complex was surprisingly quiet and restful. Nice to have an empty frig, too.

Asia Hotel Battambang

Battambang, Cambodia

Very friendly and helpful staff. Comfortable and quiet. Huge egg bagatte for breakfast. Thanks!

Bush House & Camp

Nairobi, Kenya

Very welcoming and friendly staff.The house is a mansion, so sound travels easily and was noisey with other residents at night. But, beautiful gardens to walk around. A bit of a hike to public transportation, though. I certainly would go back!

Ana Maria House

Havana, Cuba

The family was very friendly and helpful. The room was cosy and private. Thanks again

Elaine Rodriguez B&B

Havana, Cuba

Great family and hospitality. Always helpful and interesting to be with. Location was good for me as I needed to be in Verdado, but is a bit far to old town Havana sights. Highly recommended.

Casa Mexico Tipico

Cancun, Mexico

A very friendly family. I actually returned after a trip and found the hostel very comfortable, more than the larger hostels which are so impersonal. Thanks loads!