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Albatross Backpacker Inn

Kaikoura, New Zealand

No customer comment

Canterbury House Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

Really nice, clean place, but quite a few rules.


Tirana, Albania

The staff were really nice and it's well set up to meet people. It can be a bit "cliquey" if people have already been there for a while, but make an effort and you can cross the barriers. The rooms are a bit small but well set up. The bathrooms are typical for the region with the shower in the toilet space - but the downstairs one is a more European style if you need that.


Nice staff, great space. They have everything you need. Breakfast is good. If you do the Lake Komani trip (recommended) take warm clothes just in case for the morning.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

Hostel was nice and they were well organized. Great location! Small problem for me when I booked the shuttle to Skodra, they had told me that it would drop me in the Centre but then the driver wanted to leave me outside town at the side of the highway. He eventually agreed to take me after a little bit of discussion, but I would recommend clarifying that before you get in the shuttle (which I did through the hostel guy I thought, but whatever). Other than that small problem everything cool!

Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Spatious rooms with kitchenette in the room. Some rooms have balconies. Pool area is great and it's really easy to meet people. The shuttle makes it easy to get to town and it's worth being farther away to have the comfort of the pool. Great place to chill.

Residence Rooms

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Nice staff, very helpful. Location right in the middle of everything. Common room is there, but it may be hit and miss with the type of crowd that's coming through. One shower for 3 dorm rooms seemed insufficient at times.

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Great place to meet people. Really nice staff who are extremely helpful. Location is right where you want to be.


The staff at this hostel are so nice. Sometimes they might mess up your reservation (I actually ended up in Gecko Hostel not Chill Inn - they're the same owners) but they always make it up to you. The breakfast on the beach is beautiful and the dinners are good value - who knew pizza made on a barbecue could be so good! The 6 bed female dorm is spacious with good a/c. I would definitely recommend it!

Geckos Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Nice pool, shared spaces and staff. Dorm rooms have small lockers but lots of plugs. Sometimes you have to walk around a bit to find an unoccupied bathroom, but other than that a nice place. Kitchen has everything you need.

Bom Fim Hostel

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Great staff, great pool, easy to get to everything and nice dorm rooms! One of the best I've stayed in!


This place is ok, but they charge you extra for everything: 3 BOB/day to leave your bag, 20 BOB if you want to use the rec room during the day and shower if your bus leaves at night. The staff seem to struggle with math, so check their figures when paying. The showers are good and hot, the beds are very comfortable.

VIP House

Cusco, Peru

Nice place, helpful staff, quiet. Not great to meet people, except in the dorm rooms or at breakfast. Supermarket across the street is great, but no kitchen. Sometimes walking up the hill seems a bit rough, even though it's a few blocks the altitude gets you.


They were nice enough to let me leave my baggage while I hiked the canyon, and let me shower when I got back.

Hospedaje Brabant

Nazca, Peru

No customer comment

Bunk Backpackers

Brisbane, Australia

I stayed in a 10 bed norm which was nice enough and spacious, but it definitely depends on your roommates. Lots of people are out all night, which is cool, until the drunk guy tries to crawl into bed with you, an all female dorm might be more comfortable. The single use lockers suck, but the staff are really nice. The free meal is only available for one hour, but if you make it there, it's decent. The partitions in the room are good for privacy, but not great for getting to know people.

Oporto Sky Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Nadia and George have created something special. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Porto!