Reviews: Anonymous


Bangkok, Thailand

Lockers are located by the front desk. Suggest there be lockers perhaps in the rooms or just outside the rooms. Not good to have lockers where might have to go 2 or 3 floors to get valuables.

Backpacker Time Guest House

Pattaya, Thailand

Super cheap fun restaurant right next door. Love it. Stayed here a month. And don't know how long will stay this time, perhaps a number of months!

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

Security in rooms is not adequate. Say for example in room 310 there are 2 adequate size storage units and 2 thin lockers that are very hard to put small articles in because so thin. There were six beds so only adequate storage for 2 people. The 2 adequate storage units need to be expanded to 6 so that everyone has adequate storage.

Costa Rica Backpackers

San Jose, Costa Rica

Great place to stay