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Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Amazing location! Really, truly amazing. I had a very limited time in Istanbul and was able to maximize it thanks to how close the hostel was to the major sites on my must-see list. Enthusiastic, very welcoming staff, good vibe. Rooftop bar opens up right on to a magnificent view of Hagia Sophia, but it did make my top-floor room a little noisy late at night. Everything else was nearly perfect.


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Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

A very pleasant, happy staff and a real community atmosphere. Thank you for your sightseeing tips and all the help!

360 Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Really a great place - the hostel was full & yet it never seemed too crowded, busy or noisy. Highly recommend for visitors of all ages.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

A little loud at night, but that's to be expected with this location in Temple Bar. Amazing service with a smile. Clean room. Clean bathroom. Nice extras - alarm clock rental, etc.