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Vienna, Austria

I had a great experience staying here. The young woman who runs this place is very friendly and helpful. The hostel is basically a two bedroom apartment, but it is decorated very nicely and it is very clean and comfortable. I was very surprised with how nice the place was, it's a big step up from a typical hostel. I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else in Vienna.

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

The 4you is just ok. The staff is nice, the breakfast is good, and the location is fine. The downside is the atmosphere isn't very good. It's like a hotel with a bunch of teenagers staying there. It's hard to meet anyone who isn't staying in your room. You'll be fine staying here, but there are more enjoyable options if you look around in advance.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

No complaints about this place. Good facilities, and it's easy to meet people. Excellent location.

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

This place was fantastic. Great place to meet people, and located in the coolest neighborhood in Berlin. Clean and cozy. Highly recommended.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

I had a good stay at this place thanks to the wonderful staff. The young woman working during the day was incredibly helpful. I had a difficult situation arise while I was there, and she took care of it right away. I was very pleased with the way she handled everything. This place also has a full kitchen and a big chill out area. No complaints about anything.

Auberge Bagatelle

Avignon, France

I found this hostel to be thouroughly unpleasant. There is a lot that needs to be improved upon. The blankets were dirty and smelly, and the whole place was very cold. There is no heating in the hallways or bathroms, and the showers do not get very warm. Combined with the very cold air temperature, it makes for a cold and uncomfortable shower. The internet situation is also kind of a mess, and the facilities are very poor. Stay elsewhere if you can afford it.

Fabrizzio's Petit

Barcelona, Spain

I enjoyed my stay here. Good staff, good location, clean, and good kitchen facilities. Very nice balcony overlooking a courtyard. Nice laid-back vibe. I'd stay again.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I had a great stay here. The staff were very friendly, and it has all the facilities you need. It was very easy to meet people, and the location was good. No complaints at all. I'd stay here again for sure if I ever go back to Belfast.

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

The staff at kennedy's were wonderful. Very helpful, welcoming, and friendly. I can't say enough about them. I ended up staying in what was essentially a one bedroom apt with bunk beds in the bed room. The facilities were great and it was very clean. Unfortunately there was no place to chill and meet people, and my roommate was a long termer who was unpleasant. No lockers in the room was also a negative. This is still a nice place to stay though, and I'd recommend it.

Lambrettas Hostel

Bath, England

I had a nice stay here. Very friendly staff, clean room, and great location. I stayed in a dorm room, and I was the only one there, so it wasn't good for meeting people. I was happy to relax though so it worked out for me. The room was very secure, but there wasn't any place to lock up any of your belongings. If you end up sharing the room with strangers, you might not feel comfortable about that. Still, I'd recommend this place to anyone who's not too concerned with meeting people.

Lamb Tour House

Taipei, Taiwan

I only stayed here for one night at the end of my trip around Taiwan, but everything was nice while I was there. The staff was very friendly, the place was clean, the beds were good, and the location is excellent. No complaints.


The Sleeping Boot is a great place to stay. As many others have noted, the owner is very friendly and helpful. He really goes out of his way to make sure his guests are comfortable, and that they have a great stay in Hualien. Besides that, the hostel is very clean, and it's easy to meet people here. The beds are also very comfy. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Hualien.

Iris' Tower

Tainan, Taiwan

Iris' Tower is a great hostel. Iris is very friendly and helpful, and her place is beautifully decorated. It is very clean and has good facilities. The only problem is that the walls of some dorm rooms do not go all the way up to the ceiling, so I could easily hear people in other parts of the hostel. Besides that one thing, this hostel is as good as it gets.

The Meeting Place

Taipei, Taiwan

The meeting place was just ok. It is the least expensive hostel in Taipei, and the facilities are sufficient. Those are the pros. The cons are that the staff didn't have much advice to give about exploring Taipei or other areas of Taiwan. They seemed somewhat aloof in general. Stay here if you're on a tight budget. If not...


This was a great place to stay. The staff were very helpful and friendly. They have good facilities, and it was easy to meet people here.

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Thank you for your stay in Khaosan Tokyo Annex. We are happy to hear you liked our hostel. We are always happy to accommodate you. hope to see you agan. Khaosan Staff

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

I enjoyed staying here. It's clean, and the staff were friendly. The location is convenient for restaurants and the subway. It's also a good place to meet people.

A-yado Gion

Kyoto, Japan

This is a great place to stay. Highly recommended.

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Thank you very much! A-yado is very good place to get train ,buss and taxi. 100yen bycles for guest free inter net free coffee free tea frea talking You can take a walk around in Kyoto temples. Thank you so much! A-yado