Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 36

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Amazing hostel!! I stayed here two years ago and it is just as great now as it was then. The staff are excellent, the breakfast is fabulous, and the location can't be beat. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and there are lockers in the dorms. I was here during the protests that are occurring in Taskim Square and I can also the say the hostel is safe -- it is far removed from where the protests are occurring and the staff kept everyone up to date with the situation and where it was safe to go.

Mile Map Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

I have stayed at this hostel three times while in Bangkok and it will always be my go to place. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and the staff are excellent. Anything they don't know, they will find out for you. It is very close to the BTS and only a short taxi ride (or long walk) away from Khao San Road and the other major sights. The dorms have lockers and ac, which is always a bonus considering how hot it can be in Bangkok.


A great new hostel in the Thamel area. It is walking distance to shops, restaurants, the tourist bus station, and Durbar Square. The rooms and toilets were really clean. The WiFi works in the 6 and 8 bed dorms as well as the lobby. The staff are really nice and friendly. I would definitely stay here again next time I am in Kathmandu.

Chitwan Forest Resort

Chitwan, Nepal

I stayed in the dorms here and had a wonderful time. The room was spacious and the mosquito nets were a godsend. The bathrooms could have used a good cleaning as other reviewers have mentioned, but overall it is a great hotel. The tours the hotel arranged for me were fabulous and the price was similar to what I was quoted elsewhere. I would definitely stay here again.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Great location and helpful staff, but only one shower and two cramped toilets that lack privacy per floor. There were only two outlets in a six bed room, neither of which worked, so charging things was a bit of a problem but that is often typical in Asia. You can leave things at reception overnight to charge. There is a construction site next door and work tends to go on all hours of the day and night so you may want to rethink staying at this hostel if you are a light sleeper.


A fabulous hostel in Shanghai. Very close to the metro and easy to get to from the train stations and airport. The staff are extremely helpful and speak great English. The restaurant serves good food at reasonable prices. There are a few computers for guests to use for free. The WiFi wasn't the best but when it worked, it worked in the dorm I stayed in. The common area was really nice as well. I would definitely stay here again.

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

A nice hostel overall. It is a bit far from the sights and restaurants but close to the airport shuttle and metro. The staff weren't as helpful as other places I stayed in China. The room and toilet/shower area were clean and the common area was really nice. The area was quiet so you don't get woken up early by street noise.

Mr. Panda Hostel

Chengdu, China

The hostel was okay. Decent location but the tour to the pandas was not worth the money. The driver showed up 45 minutes late and wanted us to leave the pandas after only an hour -- definitely see the pandas and Leshan on your own. The restaurant was out of most food. The staff were nice as were the people staying there. My room was just off the dining/common room/reception area, making it a little loud at times. No WiFi in the rooms but it works well in the common area. Hot water was great.


Great location and super easy to find. The staff speak great English and are very helpful.

Mile Map Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

This is an amazing hostel not far from the metro. The dorm room was great and spacious, but a little cold. I was in Bangkok to get my visa for Myanmar and the embassy is just down the street making this the perfect place to stay. There are some decent vegetarian restaurants nearby as well. The rooms are air conditioned and the WiFi works pretty well, even in the dorm. I will be staying here again when I return to Bangkok.


When I arrived, I had to wait 15 minutes for someone to come to the desk and check me in. Then they asked me to wait another 10 before they showed me my room. The dorm room was really a shared twin room and the bathroom looked like it hadn't been cleaned in ages. One bed was occupied and the other clearly hadn't been remade since the other person checked out. The staff came in and put on a new pillow case but didn't change the sheets. Really gross.

Queen Mini Hotel

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

This hotel was a little gross. It is right near the train station, but that is the only good thing. The dorm was on the top floor and had five beds all next to each other so you slept with either someone's head or feet near your head. There was only one tiny fan and the bathroom was downstairs off the lobby and was the owner's family's bathroom as well. The cleanliness was questionable. This place is okay for one night, but that is it.

Ngoc Hung Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

This hotel was just okay. The bathroom had obviously not been cleaned as it was covered in long black hairs, and I mean covered. The staff tried to sell me tours a little too aggressively and didn't have information about local buses unless it was to book me on a tour bus. The location was good, right near the main hotel and restaurant area, though a bit of a walk from the main sights.

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

Really nice hostel. It can be a bit of a party place, but if that is a problem you can usually switch rooms to a quieter room. There is a nice pool as well as an amazing buffet breakfast. Rooms were clean but they definitely don't wash the duvets between guests, if they ever wash them. It is close to the old quarter and clothing shops and a short cycle from the beach. You can rent bikes right out front.

NgocThao GuestHouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This is a fabulous hostel right in the middle of the backpacker area of HCM. The staff are super helpful and they offer tour bookings. It is walking distance to the major sites and the train ticket booking office as well as the bars and restaurants. The six bed female dorm I stayed in was clean (it even had clean sheets) and had ac and the bathroom was nice as well. I highly recommend this place!

The North Hotel

Chiang Rai, Thailand

It was a little hard to find this hostel and when I arrived the dorm beds had no pillows or blankets and the staff didn't understand what I wanted (eventually they figured it out0. The location is great, right near the night market and the bus station. The staff did try to help as much as they could. The room was clean and the bathroom was nice too.

Shadow Inn

Bangkok, Thailand

Dorms are on the top floor and with no working windows, it gets unbareably hot. Also, the beds are as hard as a rock. The location was decent, though. Only a short ride on the river ferry to get to the main sights. However, the staff were less than helpful. I asked how to get to the ferry and they pointed towards the river and said, "there is the river." In reality, the ferry stop requires a ten minute walk and a few turns. Luckily I found another hotel with helpful staff that drew me a map.

Nomads Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Nomads was conveniently located downtown, a short walk from the airport shuttle. It is close to restaurants and the sights of Auckland. The staff was very helpful. The only bad part was the food truck outside the hotel that blasted music all night long. It made it impossible to sleep, but the hostel has no control over this.

Saban Pension

Olympos, Turkey

HEAVEN! After a fast paced trip through western Turkey, it was magical to come and chill, even just for one day, at Saban's. The food was the best I had in Turkey (I'm vegetarian so I can't comment on the meat). It is a short walk from the ruins and the beach and their hammocks were a great way to relax in the shade after a hot morning spent at the beach. Best of all, I was upgraded for free to a treehouse because they were doing a huge dorm clean out. I am already making plans to return.


Canakkale, Turkey

Sadly, this hostel was under construction while I was there so it's hard to evaluate what it would normally be like. I was on the 3rd floor and was told that only the 2nd floor showers worked. Technically, only 1 shower out of the 3 worked on the second floor and the shower head didn't even attach to the wall. Their travel agency was fabulous and helped me plan a perfect day trip. Breakfast wasn't available due to the reno so I was sent next door to Hotel Helen (10L and worth every cent).

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The location and staff can't be beat, the breakfast is fab and the roof top terrace is excellent. The bathrooms can get a little messy, but that's to be expected in a dorm situation. The only problem - very few outlets for charging. The room I stayed in had one outlet for eight beds. However, this was what I found throughout Turkey because of the old buildings so there isn't anything that Cheers can do to change this.

Memnon Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

Although this place has a great location and the staff were nice, my room was CRAWLING with ants. They were everywhere -- on the walls, all over the floor, even in the bed. There were also everywhere in the bathroom. Also, the air conditioner only sort of worked. It was cooler than outside, but not by much.

City Plaza Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

This hostel was very clean and had an excellent location -- very safe to walk around at night even as a solo female. I had a bit of an issue with arranged pick-ups in that they forgot to pick me up from both the airport and the train station. However, the staff was very sorry about this and went out of their way to make it up to me. I would suggest reconfirming any pick-ups. The showers do spray the entire bathroom so don't put anything in there you don't want wet.


This is one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. The location isunbeatable and the staff were friendly and very knowledgable. I highly recommend staying here.


Neuchatel, Switzerland

This is a terrible hostel. I would not recommend it to anyone. We stayed in a room that have seven beds side by side crammed in between the walls (literally seven mattress lying bewteen three walls). There were also a couple of futons lying around -- to cram more people in the room that only had a couple of tiny windows. The best part -- the mattresses were on the floor. I spent the night being coughed on by the person next to me as well as having to push his feet off my bed. There was only one bathroom for all of us and it smelled bad. This was without a doubt the worst hostel I have ever stayed in -- it was even worse than the second class overnight train trip between Prague and Budapest where we had six people in a tiny train car and were woken up multiple times for passport checks.

Hostel U Melounu

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a bit outside of the city center. The hostel in nice, but not amazing -- though the free internet was a bonus.

House L.A. - West

Fussen, Germany

This is a great hostel. The breakfast was good and the location even better. Only a few minutes walk to the city center.

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

Although outside of the city center, this was one of the best hostels I have been in. The facilities are great and clean and the atmosphere is unbeatable.