Reviews: Anonymous

West Two London

London, England

Welcome to the worst hostel in London where you will enjoy sleepless nights in uncomfortable beds that squeak so loud they will keep you awake at night, if you can overcome that then the worn out mattresses will surely get you in that you can feel almost every spring!!

Maria Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Was a stitch up as you pay to be in 4 bedded dorm and they have 5 or 6 beds in there, the sly characters that they are.

Eurasia Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I thought the locatıon of the hostel was superb, very close to all the sıghts. Extremely well prıced wıth a free good hearty Turkısh breakfast. The staff were very frıendly, fun, helpful and hospıtable and gave excellent ınformatıon about Istanbul and Turkey ıtself. Certaınly recommend thıs hostel ıf you were stayıng ın Istanbul.