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Mile Map Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Nicest staff ever, helped me out more than once just because they could. Super-generous policies (baggage storage up to 45 days, free ramen for the starved traveler). Really clean, too. They actually change those crisp white sheets. I liked the neighborhood quite a bit - not party central, but clean, neat, normally prices for food (unlike Khao San). Easy to get to river to catch ferry to Royal Palace, etc.

Kikies House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kikie's was a lovely place to stay, comfortable rooms and a good place to rest (not a party hostel). Kikie herself is fabulous, and very helpful when it comes to booking tours - she knows quite a lot about the different treks and tours and is very informative. She's super friendly, and we got on swimmingly. And to the tall, handsome strangers out there - she's beautiful and single.

Tavern 47

Shangri-la, China

Fantastic place to stay- Joon is really friendly, and it's contagious. As a group, the hostel guests got along really well. The place is reasonably clean, Joon is honest about shortcomings (warning when there are water shortages), and great about travel advice. Would absolutely stay again.

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Hello~! I'm jun... yes.. Recently shangri-la oldtown has a some water problem. we have a stress T.T we wish It will be OK. Thank you for your understanding and comment. Have a nice a travelling.


Drunk construction workers were also staying in the hostel, talking loudly, harassing guests, and clogging up the sinks with their puke. Really. For 40 rmb a night, you can do better - at least find a place with toilet paper. Locking cabinets would also be a nice touch. Staff were nice enough, but not very informed about tourist stuff, couldn't do any bookings.


What a pity this beautiful new hostel is wasted on the louts I shared a dorm with. The good - Kohler fixtures, a gorgeous shared space, shiny new everything, and a lovely view. The bad - the cab driver didn't know where it was (eventually had to climb over a pile of bricks because he came from the wrong way), the people in my dorm kept making rude comments and smoking indoors, and it was a long bus ride to the center of town.

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Dear, Thank you for staying with us. As a newly open hostel,we still need to do something to make it more comfirt for our guests, but about the cab driver and the bricks on the way, they are really out of control, we cant stop the public works, we can only give the driver our direction if you call us.Hope you enjoy your trip in China.Panba team


STAY HERE. Spacious rooms, great common area, super-helpful staff, and also the best hostel services I've ever encountered. They'll do tours for you, and more importantly can book your next ticket with hostel pick-up for cheap. I'm not a paid shill - Jade Emu saved me so much time and money that I really do recommend you stay here.

Riad Layla Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

Great hostel, super-friendly staff that went above and beyond (including a dramatic rescue by moped when we'd wandered into the wrong part of town by off-duty staff - thanks, Layla!). As mentioned by other users, fantastic breakfasts - though watch out for rapacious fellow travelers who may help themselves to your breakfast. Very clean as well. For directions, look at their website - best directions ever. Sole problem? No heating!

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

All right hostel, overall, but showing its age - the pillows and blankets have lost half their stuffing over time and the lack of wi-fi in the rooms hearkens back to 2004. Bathrooms only get cleaned once a day, which is a bit of a problem given that there are only 3 bathrooms per gender per floor. Still, can't beat the Hitchhiker's guide theme and the amazing location - right by Museuminsel and good restaurants and nightlife.

Retro Hostel

Poznan, Poland

The first thing that hits you about the hostel is the wonky, but delightful decor (check out the toilet seats - I can't decide if they're scary or awesome). The staff is really nice and really helpful, the facilities stay miraculously clean given the sheer number of people moving through, and the kitchen is very well equipped. My one concern is that Poznan is very much a party town, and the hostel guests are no exception, so it seems like it could get out of control in certain circumstances.

GIDIC Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

Everything a backpacker could dream of and more. Book the 20-bed dorm room - it's got a marvel of engineering, reconstructing a Tokyo capsule hotel out of plywood, with little cubbyholes complete with light and outlet. And it's very clean, the staff is great, the kitchen has basic supplies, plus it's only a fifteen minute walk from both old town and bus station. I'm not a paid shill, this was actually the best hostel I ever stayed in.

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lovely pub atmosphere - reminds you of the 19th century. Unfortunately, so do the living conditions.

Hotel Salus

Milan, Italy

It was very friendly and cosy, but rather far from the city center. It seems like there is supposed to be a metro stop being built closer sometime in 2007, but now for now you have to take a bus to get to the metro.