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Age: 36

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Super nice hostel, with super helpful and friendly staff. Even though we arrived in the middle of the night, we were taken very well care of and got our room organised way ahead of time. The room in itself (a deluxe double bed ensuite) was spectacular. The location is very hard to beat. Would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone planning on visiting Istanbul.

Sydney Central YHA

Sydney, Australia

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Bamber House

Auckland, New Zealand

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Apartments & rooms Stella

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lovely, clean and quiet place, run by really friendly and helpful Croatian couple. Rooms are good, clean and spacious. I have nothing bad to say about it except that it can be a gruelsome walk up all the stairs from the city to the place. However, the pay off for that is an amazing view over the city, and besides, there is a bus that stops close by and takes you to and from downtown. Definately recommended!


Split, Croatia

Wonderful apartment! Felt just like you were living in Split. Really close by the old city, really right where you wanted to be. The apartment really had a lot of character, and was really cozy. And, as an extra plus, we got a bottle of local wine, ready on our arrival! Recommended

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Thanks Joakim! Your comment is important to me to keep looking after the Memento. It isn't just an apartment it is also the place in my heart and I'm glad you've felt it.


Seriously, from our experience, STAY AWAY! We booked a double room, and we got a semi large mattres, locked inside a closet with no windows and barely enough room to stand two people in. It created a very real sense of claustrophobia. On the wall, a fellow inmate had written "could this room be any worse". Well, the answer is probably no. If you, despite our recommendation, decide to stay here, bring a sleeping bag and wrap yourself in tight. My girlfriend got bitten badly by bed bugs, even despite her sleeping bag. The hostel had no restaurant either. Location was good though, if you like Suzhou... we really feel you could just skip all of Suzhou... dont get fooled into thinking its the Venice of china... there is no venice in china. Neither is Tongli worth seeing... sure, its small and full of canals (a very little part of the town), but people dump everything in the water.. its not cozy at all. However, if you want a nice little key ring this is definately the place to go... location and keyring probably the only positive thing about this place.


Location is great, next to the bund and within walking distance of a lot of things. Staff was friendly and spoke good english. Restaurant was good, and relatively cheap. 18 yuan for brekkie and 15 yuan or so for a meal. Internet however was not really working a lot of the time, but it was free so you really couldnt complain :) It worked enough times for us to check mail and such.


Hostel not spectacular, but an overall good one. Location could not have been any better. It is literally right next to the bell tower, and is at the definite centre of the city. Perfect. Airport shuttle bus stops and leaves really close by. Room had a noisy fan that made us unable to sleep, so we changed room... new room was good. Breakfast and food was good, and staff was helpful. However, we sort of got conned, or at least allowed ourselves to be conned, into taking the arranged trip to Hua Shan... they say it is no shopping, but it really is... It took one hour to get out of the city walls, we stopped for half an hour shopping, and then travelled 10 minutes so that the driver could eat lunch while we waited. If this happens to you, just complain... a lot... eventually we got our tickets and could go by ourselves. But, beware. On the other hand, almost all Chinese arranged trips are like this, and we knew that, so we sort of only have ourselves to blame. 1 hour free internet was really good. Dont forget to leave a message on the wall before you leave...

Red Lantern House

Beijing, China

Great englishspeaking staff and a good location close to buses for Tianmen square and summer palace. We stayed in the new double room building, and our double room was really good, despite some problems with the shower not removing the water fast enough... but that was a minor issue. Atmosphere was really cozy and homely. All in all there is not really anything to complain about. Definately recommended. Cute dog, and really cute puppy as well :)