Reviews: Anonymous

HI San Francisco - Downtown

San Francisco, USA

Good hostel overall. My only concern was that we had a private room and the windows led to a landing area that was accessible from the main hallway. There was no AC so we wanted to leave a window open, but we didn't because it would have been the same as leaving our door wide open.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

This is a great hostel in an amazing city. It has a cool common space and bar that makes it easy to meet people, especially if you're traveling alone. There's also a nice kitchen, good wifi, and laundry. The only minor annoyances were that the sheets are in a bag on your bed when you get there so you have to put them on yourself - which can be a pain if you come in late - and there was no handsoap in the bathroom (who carries that with them?). But overall it was great. Highly recommended.

Rome City Hostel

Rome, Italy

Very friendly staff and relaxed environment make this a great home base for exploring Rome. There's a great common space with a kitchen, couches, and tv (with a nice dvd collection) and it was easy to meet people and share meals and conversation over dinner. There are also nice extras like free internet (wifi and with the hostel computer) and free breakfast. Highly recommended.

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

Overall, it was a good experience. The location is good and the staff is friendly. There is a decent bar on site, clean bathrooms and a clean kitchen. Two things that you might want to be aware about are that the security is kind of lacking. Because there is only one key per room, it's up to the last person leaving the room to lock the door, which doesn't alway happen. There is a locker room in the basement for your bags but anyone staying in the hostel has full access to it - it would be better if it were controlled only by staff. Finally, if you come in after hours, they don't check any I.D. so really any stranger could just come in and pretend to be staying there. None of this ended up being an issue, but they might bother some people. Also, the bar on the ground floor stays open until 2pm so if you're staying on the second floor, don't expect it to be quiet until then. Most of this is pretty standard hostel stuff though and I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again.