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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 33

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

This is an excellent hostel. It stays full, which is an indication of how good it is.


This was my third time staying at Arequipay Backpackers. This is an excellent hostel whose only weakness are the showers on the third floor! (No pressure. Use the showers on the second floor.) I'd like to give a special thanks to the helpful staff and especially Evilihn for helping me out with a special favor since I was on a tight schedule.

The Adventure Brew Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

I thought Adventure Brew was great until I tried Loki's. Adventure Brew is a very good hostel, but Loki has just a little extra in terms of social atmosphere. People at Adventure Brew tend to keep to themselves a bit more I guess. Also, Loki's bathrooms (which are plentiful) are always clean and fully stocked with paper and soap. At Adventure Brew I actually had to ask them to restock soap one time. Still though, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adventure Brew. It's close to the bus terminal!


This hostel has no lockers. Also, there is low water pressure in the showers. The beds are amazingly comfortable though. The bathrooms were perpetually without toliet paper. This is a good hostel that could be a great hostel with a few small changes.

Hostal CasArte Takubamba

Sucre, Bolivia

Great hostel, very clean and modern. It's even white to match downtown Arequipa. Perhaps the only things lacking are computers for those who don't have a device with Wi-Fi, and also some social activities to bring people staying in the hostel together.

Jodanga Backpackers Hostel

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Excellent hostel. Keep up the good work.

Che Lagarto Hostel Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Minor complaint: Showerhead mount broken in men's bathroom pointed inwards toward the wall, so it was difficult to wash oneself without taking the showerhead down from the wall. Other than that, a great little hostel in a quiet town. Recommended. We stayed in the private bedroom next to the men's bathroom and the heater in that room works great.


This is one of those hostels where people who are family or friends of the owner are hanging around, which I've always thought was weird and kills the atmosphere--unless of course, they say hello and interact with the guests. That didn't happen here (though one of the staff offered us whiskey and liked to chat, which was nice). Sometimes you have to wait a while to for them to open the door when you ring the bell. Plumbing in toliet got stopped up ridiculously easily, but staff fixed when asked.

Green Grass Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

My girlfriend and I stayed at Green Grass hostel in the private room upstairs and we felt it was a good value for São Paulo. My only complaint is that the Internet stopped working for about a day. I definitely recommend the hostel though.

Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Good hostel. I rented private room 6 which is kind of strange because it has a kitchen area without dishes. I just kept that area closed. My only complaint is that the lockers are tiny cubbies meant for small items such as passports. They themselves are not very secure because you can just unscrew the hooks and open them. I always prefer hostels to have sturdy lockers in the rooms themselves large enough for a small backpack.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thank you amigo, since a private is a private there is no big lockers in that room, that is why you had to use the safes next to the reception which are good for cameras money passports, etc , (bank size), also the shared dorms do have "sturdy" lockers large for a backpack and at last anyone with the will to break into any safe can do it, the safes are in the reception area which is 24hours staffed.

La Casa Cafe

Cali, Colombia

There is no cafe with food, or at least not during the holidays while the cook is away. There are some people staying long term who have taken over and made a mess of the dorm room--always a bad idea to mix long term with short term visitors in my opinion. There are no lockers; your valuables can be put in the owner's bedroom if you want. Nonetheless I did enjoy my stay here.

Owner Comment (Hide)
It is important to remember that the concept of the coffee house is not a guest house hostel is attended by its owner, and the like to be responsible for everything. If coffee is a combination of restaurant service but is open to guests, also a cultural café for locals, not exclusive to guests, hence having their own kitchen and the coffee had schedules care and holiday season. The combination of guests is always difficult, you're right, and on several occasions the chaos of some guests will not fit the new guests and this sometimes works well not be for longer stays ... it's just that not all guests are equal and impact the house differently. I'm glad you enjoyed the stay.

The Dreamer Hostel

Santa Marta, Colombia

Great hostel, excellent staff who helped me when I was vomiting from having eaten bad ceviche in Taganga. Also, when I was on the way to the airport a staff member realized that I overpaid so he called the taxi driver and had the taxi driver reimburse me on the spot. Top notch. Be aware that this is a party hostel, but the noise dies down after midnight. My only real complaint is there Wi-Fi internet. Fix it! It is too slow and rarely worked!

The Meeting Point Hostel

Barranquilla, Colombia

Good air conditioning in the hostel room. Wi-Fi internet works. The house is spacious and pretty clean. What really makes this hostel though is the owner and his family. There are kids in the house, but that didn't really bother me. The owner and his wife are very helpful and show personal interest in the guests. Be aware that they are working on expanding the house, so there is some construction going on.

Casa Nativa Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Good hostel, good staff. I had a good experience at this hostel, despite not liking Cartagena so much.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

My lock wouldn't fit on the locker so I had to go out and buy one of those big clunky high school locker combination locks just to be able to lock my stuff. First hostel in like 70 hostels where that's happened. That, and the fact that the dorms were too big (i.e. with too many beds per dorm) just made this hostel ok. I met some nice people there though. America just doesn't do hostels very well unfortunately. (I'm American.)

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

Too many rules. I saw one of the staff members remind a guy coming from the shower to his room that a shirt was required at all times. Also, you have to leave your shoes at the door. What is this, Japan? I'm a fan of clean floors, but leaving shoes at the door does not reflect American culture. I think the hostel should be a reflection of the local culture to an extent. Also, FYI they charged my credit card before I even arrived, which I thought was unnecessary and not hostel-like.

La Niña

Bogota, Colombia

Clean, basic hostel without a lot of social atmosphere, but it did the trick for a couple of nights. The neighborhood is a good neighborhood and the wifi works well. I stayed in a room with a single bed next to the bathroom and it was comfortable and seemed fairly secure.

Backpackers Kaweskar Hostel

Puerto Natales, Chile

I left my cell phone cover and they found it for me and kept it for me when I got back from Torres Del Paine. Great service.

Che Salguero Student Residence

Cordoba, Argentina

This hostel has just the right vibe that comes with having just the right size hostel--not too big and not too small.

I Keu Ken Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

Wifi is a bit slow, and the flies are everywhere, but honestly I love this place. Staff is extremely friendly and help


This is a fairly small hostel--which, in my opinion is a good thing. The location is ok; it's not perfect--the walk to the bus stop is like 8 minutes uphill. Still, though, it's a nice quiet area. The wireless works well. I recommend Lantana Lodge overall.

Base Sydney

Sydney, Australia

This place is too big. (Can't meet anyone when hostels are too big.) Hostels tend to be big business in Australia and Base is completely that way. It's just a hotel with dorm beds and poor service. The wireless internet was fast, though. It was also expensive at five dollars per 75 minutes. I'd like to see free wireless access, but it's almost impossible to find in Australia. OH, and the second time I checked in the room they sent me to didn't have any clean beds, but that's all they had available. Also, the bathroom on the fourth floor had lots of water in it. Also, many people staying here long term. When people stay long term they tend to spread their crap out all over the floor which is really annoying. I have a small backpack and I keep my stuff neatly in one area.

Perth City YHA

Perth, Australia

Clean, but wireless internet is five dollars for two hours which is stupid. The speed was flaky sometimes. Also, there are many long term residents, but that seems to be the case at all the hostels due to WA's economic boom. Unfortunately, I didn't find a good alternative. I would stay here again because it was clean, but I'd like to try to find something with free wifi.

Luan Vu

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

One of the best places I've ever stayed. Super clean, excellent staff and the wireless internet really does work in the room because he has a router on every floor. Great value.

The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel 2

Singapore, Singapore

The place is great, especially the staff. Unfortunately, if you get a dorm next to the bathroom as I did, it's noisy. The door didn't close all the way and I mentioned this to someone there, but it didn't get fixed. There are just too many people staying at this place. You'll see. You'll never be alone in the bathroom. It doesn't matter what time of day, there's always someone in the bathroom. That being the case, even though they cleaned the bathroom once a day, careless people are always trashing it and making it nasty. It's bearable though. With that many people staying there, they really ought to clean the bathroom more than once per day, in my opinion. Oh, and the wifi worked most of the time. When it did work, the speed was awesome. Overall I recommend the place.

Hotel Mingood

Penang, Malaysia

The wireless internet and the air conditioning worked in the room, and that was my main concern. It was clean; free breakfast. It's 15 minutes walk to Komtar where all the buses go, so once you walk there you can pretty much get a bus anywhere on the island. Two big thumbs up from me!

Wang Fat Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

hot water didn't work. Had to take cold showers. No common area to congregate. Internet room had only 1 working computer and the wireless barely worked.