Reviews: Anonymous

Posh South Beach

Miami, USA

The hostel is clean and well-kept, but it seems that comes at the expense of having decent staff. A few of them were, in fact THE RUDEST STAFF I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Seriously, shockingly rude, as if their intention was specifically to sabotage their own reputation. (One or two of them were actually alright, this is about the rest.) On top of that, it was damn near impossible to get any sleep in the enormous factory-floor-sized room, with lockers clanking all night and staff patrolling the floor

Ocean Blue Hostel

Miami, USA

The hostel is nothing special but on the cleaner side and the location is unbeatable.

Posh South Beach

Miami, USA

The hostel is clean and has a decent atmosphere, however my stay was completely ruined by the staff (with the exception of Frank, who was excellent). One staff member, Monica, went around to each bed every night and violently yanked off the towels, tossing them on the floor (apparently there's some draconian rule about that). I overheard George, a manager, using a homophobic slur. The rest that I encountered (except Frank) were simply rude and disrespectful. I won't be coming back.

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

I've stayed in quite a few hostels in San Francisco (and for that matter around the world), and I think it's safe to say that this one tops them all!! The place has the sort of laid-back and really comfortable atmosphere that is overwhelmingly lacking in most hostels. The staff were incredibly friendly, and the common areas were so relaxed and social that I barely even left the hostel at night! This place is really a gem, and I would recommend it to anyone!