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I read some of the bad reviews on here but I really don't have anything to complain about. They give you fresh linen, including a towel when you check in. Staff was excellent. provide a key to get in after 10 PM when the front door is locked, another key for your own room. Mattresses in my room where totally quiet, I had no trouble with them squeaking at night whatsoever. Met some of the best people I have on my travels so far. Location is superb! No lockers in rooms, may have had some elsewhere


For the price this is a nice hostel in a pretty nice location. They have small lockers for valuables. The facilities are a bit grungy so if you like a clean space maybe avoid this one, if you don't mind then this place has a nice atmosphere inside of a house with a big living room. nice for socializing. the shower was kind of strange in that it is just a shower head inside the same room as the toilet. Anyway, if you're looking for cheap you've found it!!


They have small lockers for valuables. The location is pretty terrible but of the three places I stayed in Sapporo I liked this one the most. The bed was comfortable and had a nice curtain to keep light out if you slept late. The owner is incredibly sweet and friendly. It is inside a really clean and modern japanese house. It even has a room for smoking cigarettes. A bit more expensive than other hostels/ guesthouses in the area but only by a few bucks.

Sapporo Inn NADA

Sapporo, Japan

This was a nice place to stay, owner was great and they have really early check in from 12 noon. They have a washer and dryer in the building and a big place for cooking and eating meals. It doesn't have the atmosphere of a traditional hostel as it is more like a house. They have lockers for putting valuables. Nice location as well near the main shopping district.


This place was decent for the price, great location for sure. I had an issue with a pretty bad stench in my room. Not sure what it was from but this is a new hostel so......they said another room had the same issue. Also there are not enough outlets. Most places I`ve stayed had an outlet next to the bed but my room had only two and one was next to someone elses bed, also the common space only has four for the entire space. so that was a major is good, they provide locks

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Thank you very much for your staying. About your comment, what kind of stench did you have? We already checked the room which you stayed, there was no stench. We are a new hostel and clean rooms everyday. So we hope there is no stench any more. About outlets, each dorm bed has its own outlet. We are sorry we didn't tell you about that. You can stay more comfortable when you come here next time. Thank you very much again.

Takama Guest House

Nara, Japan

They have small lockers for valuables. Within easy walking distance of all the major temples and parks of Nara. The owner is great and will greet you literally every time you come through the front door but his english is a bit bad so it's hard to converse unless you know a lot of Japanese. It has a nice kitchen and common area. Really good price compared with most guesthouses in major japanese cities.


Nice hostel very close to the ferry to miyajima, provides lockers and a nice common room.


Matsuyama Dogo Spa, Japan

This place had an incredible atmosphere!!! For the price this is the closest you will come to a japanese style ryokan experience without going to a real one, which is usually very pricy. Add on top of that the fact that it is located near the Dogo Onsen and you're in Japan tourist heaven.

Young Inn Matsue

Matsue Shimane pref., Japan

Had a great stay at this hostel in Matsue! I was lucky enough to have the room to myself with a great view of the river. Located in between the station and the castle it was well situated and had lockers provided in the room which was nice. It is an unusual place for a hostel because it it more like and apartment complex. There is no common room or lounge, except for the jazz restaurant in the next building which is where you check in.


Friendly little hostel with a good location not too far from the main station in Sendai. The most chill hostel I have ever stayed at, really liked the laid back feel I got at the place. One of the workers speaks excellent English and has a very friendly personality. Price is nice for a comfortable place to stay in Sendai!

JGH Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

I stayed in one of the "capsule" style beds. I liked it but it was really small so I could see how others may not feel comfortable in one. To be honest, at this point this hostel is a bit expensive for what you get. Small space, no lockers and a bit far from Tokyo center. For example I stayed at the new Khaosan World hostel smack dab in the middle of bustling Asakusa the night before for slightly less money. That hostel had tons of space and provided lockers with locks for free, great location.


This hostel was open for a week when I stayed there but the staff already had everything down. They were truly professional!! There is a discount now so I payed 15 dollars for a bed in Asakusa very close to the famous temple there, great price and location! Lockers are provided which come with lock and key. Facilities were great!! Clean bathroom and toilet and huge open space with kitchen and tables downstairs, four computers are in there as well with good internet connection.

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Thank you very much for staying with us. We appreciate your rating and feedback, too. We are happy to know you enjoyed your stay with us. We will not only keep our quality of service but make it better as much as possible. Even after opening promotion, there is 2000JPY bed provided. Wish you had nice times in Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you next time. Thank you very much again.


This is my favorite hostel I have stayed at yet!!! A traditional japanese house located down a tiny back alley with other traditional houses. If you have been to Kyoto you know that can be a bit rare to find these days as most of the city has modernized. Location is far away from Kyoto station but still well located!! You can easily walk to Kinkakuji which is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto or the alley is one block from a major street where you can catch a bus to wherever. No Lockers