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Golondrinas Hostel

Iquitos, Peru

This hostel is a great place to stay if it is your first time in Iquitos. The staff is kind, speaks english and helpful. Most importantly they offer a tour of a lifetime. The guide vily was incredible and knows all the spots in the jungle to find wildlife. I am still in awe how amazing it was. I hear there many tours that scam people in Iquitos so I feel lucky to find one as great as this tour was!


The staff here was kind and very helpful! Also it has a good commons area where it is easy to mingle and meet new people including the nice locals working at the hostel. There were drawbacks however. While the hostel is not all to far from the center it was far enough that you can't walk it at night and the last bus picks you up before 10pm. The inspection of my room in the end made me a bit uncomfortable and this is the only hostel I have been to with chores which may be off putting for some!

Little Hanoi Diamond

Hanoi, Vietnam

Wow is all I can say! The service here is like a four star hotel ! No joke! They hold the door for you when you walk in and treat you like a king! I felt so welcome here and the staff (notably zoom) took great care of me and answered all the questions I had! I came in early and I was even offered a free breakfast. Highly reccomended!!

Phuong Nam Hotel & Villa

Hoi An, Vietnam

The room was great for the price but I felt a little lost staying here. If you need a a day to relax and want a nice pool and room this is a great place for the value. My purpose was to see as much as possible and given the location and advise it was a bit tough. There is a free shuttle but it only comes every two hours so otherwise you will need to spend money on a cab to get downtown or rent a bike.

NgocThao GuestHouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The moment I arrived at this hostel it felt more as I was staying with a caring family than a normal hostel. When I arrived from the airport the man gave me great advice. They picked me up 1230 at night even though I was scheduled to arrive about 1130. The next morning I had a great breakfast with a variety of choices. Everyone at this hostel was great. One of the women also wrote down the price for a taxi to the train station so the driver wouldn't rip me off. Great Hostel!


St. Michael, Barbados

Kim was very kind and the hostel is authentic. I highly recommend this place if you want to get away from the tourist scene and get see a part of the country where you will mostly only see bajans. A great contrast to staying in the St Lawrence area.

Bent Prop Inn Downtown

Anchorage, USA

I do not have anything negative to stay about this hostel. While I was only there very short it seemed like a great hostel for all ages and a very good place to meet people. The man who worked there in the morning was great. He made a pancake breakfast and was very helpful with questions we had. I would highly recommend this place!

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

The staff here was amazing. I felt at home the minute I arrived. I got very good advise for Tokyo. I did have a hard time finding it but blame it partly on myself. While it was hard to find it was worth it since as far as a hostel goes it is one of my favorites I have stayed.

Hostel Mundo Chiquito

Kyoto, Japan

This hostel is amazing. The house is very japanese and unique. The moment I arrived I was welcomed warmly by the staff as being invited into a home. The staff was very helpful and warm. There is a nice living room there where it is really easy to make friends. It is a bit challenging to find and you will need to take a bus to get to most places but this should not stop you from staying here. It ranks as one of my favorite hostels I have stayed in.


I have nothing but good things to say about this hostel. The staff has been very nice and helpful. The location is great as it is very close to Gion which is the heart of Kyoto. I was lucky to find this place!


Staff was nice and room was fine. For the price it was perfect for me and close to where I needed to go. For Japan the location seemed a little sketchy but it is probably fine. I wasnt there long enough to say it was dangerous.

Masaya Hostel Bogotá

Bogota, Colombia

I arrived here my first night from the airport alone and it was my first time in Colombia. I was greeted warmly and helped with all questions I had. All the staff was very kind and helpful...helping me with the currency and also places to see. The atmosphere is nice and it was great being able to use internet for free. This is up there with the better hostels I have stayed in and I have stayed in many.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

enjoyed stay, good price and nice people.