Reviews: Anonymous

A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof

Vienna, Austria

First - the location! In a beautiful city this hostel is in the ugliest neighbourhood, under constant construction. Also, it's very difficult to find. This is a very large hostel but at the same time it is very claustrophobic. Wifi is not free! Very bad in this day and age. A fire alarm went off at 11pm on our last night. We evacuated and stood on the street, but no-one told us what was happening, or when we could go back inside. The worst mix of hotel and hostel, overpriced breakfast.

Hostel Skippy

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Very intimate and lovely location. Be prepared to make friends and negotiate to get to the bathroom!

Hostel River

Plzen, Czech Republic

The positives: warm room, comfy beds, good kitchen, enough toilets. The negatives: unattended reception, bad directions, not great showers (standard for a hostel)

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Decent hostel in a nice city. Good compared to other hostels I've stayed in. The bathroom wasn't great but everything else was fine.

Cowgate Tourist Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Great location, hostel with everything you need. We used the kitchen a lot.

Welcome Hostel Hlavkova

Prague, Czech Republic

This is not a hostel! No one working at the hostel is expecting guests and they made me feel like a criminal when I was trying to check in WITH a reservation. No one speaks English or will listen to my attempt at Czech. I had difficulties with my booking and was put on the line with the hostel manager who was very keen to tell me how wrong I was, and was surprised when I didn't want to stay. There are a hundred hostels in Prague, DO NOT THINK OF STAYING AT THIS ONE.

Bit Center Hotel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This hostel is really far from the old town, but it is clean and modern.

Hostel Krumlov House

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Very sweet hostel in a great location. The staff were really helpful.


Very relaxing hotel in such a busy area. Loved it!

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Really nice, clean hostel. Staff are very helpful, and it's good for the price