Reviews: larsmueller1363

Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Sultan Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I wondered and still wonder how the hostel got the membership in international youth hostel association. I believed this reegards to a much higher standard than in the hostel. There was only one toilet and shower for the whole floor and i did not like the security they had. You can enter any room because there is only one key per room. Nobody really checks who enters the hostel.


Swimmingpool very small and can only be entered through dirty beach which we did not dare to go to Most disturbing was that deposit paying was requested for 2 nights other than stated in hostelworld webpage. charged 4.x % paypal fees as well. Webpage and property do have signs for creditcardpayment, but we were told there about a 5% fee to pay. As we then could not pay the first day at 9 pm they got very unfriendly and pushing also the day afterwards. No recommendation for this strange place

Papaya Playa Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

Un lugar magnifico en una ubicacion muy especial y con gente muy amable. Hasta pronto, Lars, el gigante de Alemania.

Sleep-in Green

Copenhagen, Denmark

-dust all over the place in my room (6 beds) -room is very noisy (whenever someones enter the house and doesn\'t close the door on his own) -the emergency light is just annoying and doesn\'t let you lsleep unless you have eyeshades. -the rooms door doesn\'t close properly, so everyone can enter (and actually strangers came to the place) -some of the staff members were quite arrogant and ignorant, others much nicer -smell from the moreless fresh paint gave me a good headache

YHA London Central

London, England

One of the best hostels I ever stayed in and I really enjoyed it. Maybe you guys can put some more instructions on finding it on your website, that would have been helpful.

Downtown Paraiso Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

people smoke in the hostel, it is hard to find and during the night there are not very trustworthy people hanging around next to the hostel. Staff has not always been friendly.

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

hostel was next to center metro station, i enjoyed the free washington monuments walking tour provided. but there were also couple of things I minded, first all those of the staff working at the reception where quite unfriendly , they did not seem to care about their guests since they had to discuss private matters or what to do and to wear on Halloween. I have travelled the States for quite a while but never met such unfriendly people. Also anyone could just walk into this place, I was never asked for an I.D. or any proof that I am staying at that place. Not to mention the freezy cold bathroom (due to 24hour running airconditioning) which was also not very clean.


really liked this place, everything was just fine. some of the staff could have been a bit more talkative sometimes.

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Enjoyed staying at HI New York again, appreciated the friendly staff and common rooms refurbished since last year. Still, in my opinion a refurbishment and more intensive cleaning of the bathrooms would make a stay there much enjoyable.


I have not yet seen a place as shabby and dirty as this one. Still, I survived one night sleeping in a not too clean bed. Staff was quite friendly though. The hostels nice location on a lake would be more enjoyable if it would be in a refurbished state.

Citystay Mitte

Berlin, Germany

stayed one night at Citystay. It is very central but also very anonymous. Staff wasn\'t very kind. If you shouldn\'t mind dirty linen, cover and pillow. I was surprised, they do the laundry for you, but they don\'t have a flat iron