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Paddy's Palace Killarney

Killarney, Ireland

The staff is really excellent, and I was very grateful to be upgraded to a private room, since I recently had knee surgery, so couldn't easily stay in an upper bunk, which was all that was available. The hostel is within a few minutes walking distance of the downtown area, and parking is available on the street outside, at least from 6:30-8 (although there's a few free spots at the north end of the street, just before the supermarket :-). The owners should make the upgrades the managers suggest.


Very clean place and helpful staff, but a bit far from the downtown area. Nice, restored building with somewhat secure parking. Rather small kitchen for the number of folks using it.

Dublin International (YHA)

Dublin, Ireland

The reception staff is excellent, very helpful & friendly. However, it would be helpful to provide more detailed directions to find the hostel -- I ended up having to hire a taxi driver to lead me to it, even though I'd emailed previously to ask for directions (and was told to simply look for O'Connell St.). The security is a bit over-kill, though, in that you need to swipe a card or press a button to go through almost every (of the many) doors, which is hard with full hands.

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Thank you for taking the time to comment, We are glad to hear that overall you enjoyed your stay here with us, despite the troubles you experienced to find our hostel. We apologise for the insufficient directions which you received. Should you make a return trip to Dublin we would be more than happy to welcome you to the hostel again. Best regards, Dublin International Hostel

Inverness Student Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

The location is good, within walking distance of the Castle, the River Walk, and the City Centre, but it's a pretty funky, old house, although the staff is nice and helpful. There wasn't really enough bathrooms for the number of people staying there, and I personally would much prefer separate ones for men and women. And you can hear other guests talking late at night throughout. Free parking is a plus, although I was the last one able to do so, since there are really only spots for 4 vehicles.

Containers Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Be forewarned: They bribe guests with free beer for a good review! That said, I enjoyed my stay, mostly because the staff has trivia nights and other activities. It's a 20-min. bus ride to Edinburgh and pretty rough around the edges, in that it's like a swamp when it rains; many folks party loudly all night; the bathrooms periodically run out of TP and soap; pretty much NO ONE washes their dishes; there are no instructions for the TV (and some hog it to watch cartoons)...just sayin'! ;-)

Lake District Backpackers

Lake District, England

I never saw any "staff", but the place seemed to be reasonably well-maintained, although it would be nice to have instructions as to how to operate the TV. Security is good, except that the code is the same for all of the rooms, so anyone could go into any of the rooms at any time. It would be nice to have more shelves in the bathrooms and rooms for toiletries, etc. Otherwise, it's a good, centrally-located place to stay -- I met some nice women when we hung out in the lounge.

YHA Stow on the Wold

Cotswolds, England

Perfect location, right in the square, and the reception guy was very friendly and helpful, even printing out a map of the Cotswolds for me (since the wifi was down, the only negative I experienced, although I managed to get a bit from the library next door while standing outside :-). If you're looking for singles and a party atmosphere, though, it seemed more family oriented, at least in August and on a weekend. It was nice to have free parking right outside and a DIY kitchen plus restaurant.


Bath, England

The location was great and the staff helpful & friendly, but it would be nice to have larger lockers for valuables, inside the rooms rather than in the hallway, as well as chairs and shelves in the rooms. The breakfast was okay (cereal, toast, fruit), but the coffee was GREAT -- even mocha, lattes, etc.! It was rather noisy in the courtyard throughout the night, so it would have been nice if a staff member had enforced quiet time. Parking is quite tricky in almost all of Bath.


The only issue I had was the lack of security within the dorm rooms, so I slept with my wallet, phone, etc. Otherwise, the free pickup and dropoff from the airport is in a "party bus" and very much appreciated. I spent only one night and left too early for breakfast, but checkin was relatively quick, as was checkout.

Bun Kao Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

No one picked me up at the airport, even though I sent a reminder email the day prior, then the young man on duty claimed that he had sent a driver, although I arrived on time and waited 45 minutes, so I felt as though he wasn't telling the truth. The next morning the owner apologized, offered a free return ride, and took us to a school, but the house could use some maintenance (screens repaired so mosquitoes don't get in; cleaner floors). Breakfast was good: an omelet, fruit & French bread.


The only reason I only rated it "good" instead of "excellent" (like the rest of the categories:-) is because it's an expensive bus ride from central Oslo. That said, it's near a lovely lake, in a nice neighborhood. And the staff was SO helpful - they gave me coffee when I arrived and even a free bus pass when I didn't have enough kroner when leaving (with no place to exchange dollars nearby)! I even had my own room, for the price of a dorm, plus GREAT breakfasts and TV with English channels.

Sentrum Hostel

Oslo, Norway

The location is great considering the cost of lodging in Oslo, just minutes from the bus and train station, and the bathrooms are very nice. It,s nice, too, not to have bunkbeds, at least in the 4-bed room I was in, but lockers would provide added security to the locked entrance door. It's definitely not a fun hostal for meeting others, though, unless you like hanging out with drunken old men in the common room, as it seems to be more working poor than travelers, although it's kept quite clean.

Kokopelli Hostel Paracas

Paracas, Peru

It's a fun, party place (even for someone of my age :-) It's right on the beach and within a short, walking distance from the harbor. The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, bread, jam, butter, juice, and coffee or tea. "Chpy" , one of the staff, is a delight: sincerely friendly and helpful. They offer a reasonably priced tour to Isla Balletas as well. My only suggestion for improvement would be more utensils, etc., in the kitchen, since at one point during my stay, there were no bowls anywhere.

La Posada del Kuraka

Arequipa, Peru

My room and bath were fine, but I inadvertently locked myself out because I wasn't told how to operate the key. There wasn't really any good place to hang out, since the manager (who was very friendly and helpful otherwise) was usually talking on the phone or entertaining in the common area. Theocation is a few blocks from both the plaza and monastery.

Kollawas Home Inn

Colca Canyon, Peru

The owner was very helpful and friendly, arranging for a very reasonable tour of Colca Canyon then on to Arequipa for me. I had my own room and bath for a very reasonable price, and the breakfast included an egg, bread, jam, butter, juice and coffee or tea. It was only a short walk to the plaza and bus station as well. There´s a great coffee shop on the NE corner of the plaza, too.

Pisko & Soul

Cusco, Peru

The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the breakfast included eggs, juice, bread, and coffee or tea. It´s rather an uphill climb from the Plaza, but worth it, in general, although it would be nice to have a few, inexpensive amenities, like more shelves or tables in the dorms, lamps other than the single overhead, and a hooks for clothing, maybe even a mirror in the room...just some hopefully helpful suggestions! :-)

The Secret Garden Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

Sophie, in particular, was very friendly & helpful (and deserves a raise :-). The food was good and plentiful, and the staff always seemed to be working, yet laughing, too, which enhanced the atmosphere. Lockers would be nice, although we never felt insecure, as would hooks and mirrors in the dorm. The ladders to the upper bunks should be secured, though, as it almost fell away as I was climbing down it.

  • 24th Feb 2014
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Hostal Chasqui

Otavalo, Ecuador

Milton and Roberto were very helpful and friendly, and they kept the kitchen quite clean considering all of the people using it, as were the rooms and baths. It would have been nice to have a locker, though, in that one day we returned to find our door unlocked, although nothing was taken. (The lock had been replaced, so we needed a new key.) Someone is always around if you need help, and there was even a secure garage for our rental car. The location is good, too.

  • 21st Feb 2014
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Old Penang GuestHouse

Penang, Malaysia

We checked out after one night, in part due to bed bugs, but it was also a VERY depressing, dark, dirty place, especially the bathrooms. Our room had no safe, just a minimal lock on the door, and we could see light through the cracks in the floor. We found a MUCH nicer place, in a nicer area, too, for about $4 more per person. It's called the Lone Pine Resort, with a beautiful swimming pool, jacuzzi, waterfall, and even a slide, as well as a TV in the room and our own bathroom, plus free water.

  • 19th May 2013
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Nick's Homestay

Ubud, Indonesia

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Nick's beautiful garden home (which seemed to formerly be a temple of some sort). It's located in the heart of Ubud, close to lovely shops and delicious "warungs". We also walked to Nick's two other properties, which are equally charming but further away, in the rice paddies and "jungle". Be sure to stop at the nearby spa for a great, inexpensive massage! But the best recommendation of all is that Yande was kind enough to send my friend's earrings to her in Yogy

  • 11th May 2013
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Dear Sue, Thank you for your staying with us and hopefully you will be coming back to stay with us.

Island Vibe Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Very nice place with great staff (especially the owner :-)! Only minor suggestion might be to provide some sort of security locker for valuables. Thanks again for a lovely stay!

Nothando Backpackers

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Very nice place and staff (especially the owner :-)! It was nice to have the use of a hair dryer and even hand lotion. Only very minor suggestion might be to provide some sort of lockers for valuables. Thanks again for a lovely stay!


Both the owner, Annie, and the manager, Becky (?), are very helpful and friendly. I chose this particular hostel because they provided a shuttle to and from the airport, which it was very close to, but a bit of a hike to the downtown area (although bikes are available). Becky works very hard to keep everything clean, but it's an older building that could use some paint, flooring in some areas, and general refurbishing. Otherwise, no complaints whatsoever! (And the artwork is lovely.)

Pineapple Park Kona

Kailua-Kona, USA

Annie, the owner, is what this hostel special. It's a little off the beaten track, but pretty quiet (except for the roosters :-). Nice garden/patio area and very clean!

Hollywood Beach Hostel

Fort Lauderdale, USA

Great location and staff (especially Ygli and the new guy ); cleaning people came every day, too (even on the weekends) and did a decent job. Unfortunately, there was no A/C in the female dorm room, just a fan (that one woman kept adjusting to point only at her bed): A few, long-term patrons seemed to think they controlled the TV (at VERY loud volume), but otherwise, no complaints. I'd suggest perhaps labeling & organizing food and advance notice about the (reasonable) $10/visit parking charge.


Perhaps it\'s because the (all-male) staff was doing the cleaning, but it basically never happened, other than emptying the trash, the same being true of the "breakfast", which had usually disappeared within the first half hour and consisted of white bread & jelly, plus coffee. Somehow the European hostels know how to do this much better, with meusli & milk, etc. There were no activities during the 3 days I was there, but the price sure was right! The only free parking is across the street.

Orchid Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

Truly a \"surprise\", after all the rip-offs and dumps thusfar -- worth every dong!

Hoi An Grassland Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

It\'s a bit of a ways out of town, but they do offer a free motorbike ride into town (although you\'re on your own for the return). They didn\'t make it clear that breakfast only included one drink and one entree until we\'d already ordered (and, therefore, were responsible for the additional cost). Otherwise, the hotel and staff were adequate. Ask for a room toward the back, so you\'re not on the busy street, as we were.