Reviews: profeta77

Location: France, Gender: Male, Age: 38

Kelvin Hotel West End

Glasgow, Scotland

Clean and cheap that's for sure but all the bedrooms are like prison cells, all really tiny with cheap furniture and no charm at all and all in that horrible basement without windows, Do not stay more than one night!


Berlin, Germany

Really simple hostel but it is cheap and in good location! So perfect for value for money! If you look something bog standard this is yours! Recommended!!!

Des Artistes 12

Barcelona, Spain

Really clean, simple and quiet.

Riad So Cheap So Chic

Marrakech, Morocco

the place is dirty - I have seen worse - but the terrace was full of dog shit and the dogs pee was all over the patio bushes and trees. I love dogs and the dogs were lovely but their owner never leave them out so they need somewhere!! The swimming pool is really dirty too - do not even think of swimming in it... Another problem is that they bark a lot over the night so we did not sleep properly. Breakfast is just bread and 1 crepe and jam and butter - nothing special and quite boring afterall.

Hostal Muntaner

Barcelona, Spain

Beds are really old and bad. Need to be changed. Sheets need to be renewed too. One room was too noisy (the one on the street). It wwould do with some double-glazing.