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Coliseum Rooms

Rome, Italy

Got a last minute email before arrival saying I was being moved to a building up the road. Which is a little unprofessional, it assumes travellers are perpetually connected to the internet which is a stretch plus it assumes I dont mind being somewhere that I didnt book, also somewhat unprofessional. Having said that the room was fine and it was the same area so no hardship endured, quite enjoyed it really. it is still quite a walk from the coliseum though.

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Hi guys, I'm sorry for letting you know about the change at the last minute, but I really had a problem with the door of your room. I couldn't fix it that day, so I moved you to my friend's b&b, which is in the same street and at the same distance from the Metro stop. You also had an ensuite bathroom and tv at the same price. I think that's fair enough. The Coliseum is just 10 minutes away on foot.

Art y Casa Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

kinda small but all the better for it. only downside is that the only place to hang out is attached to the dormitory. apart from that its a grand, nice friendly spot. and si, i would return.

Zugdidi Hostel

Zugdidi, Georgia

it's just someone's house, it has a nice shaded grassy outside area and the dorm is bright and airy but its about 25 mins from the train station (not 15) and if you follow the directions on the website you technically can not find the place. There are certainly no signs. It is difficult enough even with directions over the phone so email them first for proper directions and if you're stuck search for javaxishvili street, it is off that. Good luck.

Urban Hostel LLP (Backpackers)

Singapore, Singapore

Directions: yes it is close to the tube station but there isnt a big neon sign showing you the way. Come out the side (of 2 options) of the station that opens onto a large 4-5 acre space (half grass/trees, half carpark). On the left is a row of 2-3 story buildings with restaurants at bottom, leading up to a main road straight ahead. The hostel is in the next row behind this row at the train track end, ie it faces onto the next street over. Not a flash place but it does the trick.

Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

If you are into the burbs this place is for you. Bright airy and quiet with a pleasant outlook over trees etc. It isnt really near anything tho and there is no tube station nearby so one must trek hither and thither. It isnt particularly close to the train station either tho technically it may be the closest.

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

This place is the business as far as ukraine places go. Perhaps the only downside is rather thin walls or floors or something (ie can hear stuff outside your room). But nothing a few cheeky pints wont block out.

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

Pretty cool setup. would very easily return. only minor downside is that the hostel seems to be the living room for a bunch of courtesans of the hostel owner but they are generally nice enough.

Hostel Kiev Backpackers

Kiev, Ukraine

Possibly a little overrated but still pleasant enough. They dont answer emails which, in my case, meant I wasnt informed that the door code they sent me had changed when i arrived from the airport at 1am. Dorm slightly crowded, one bunk too many and seems to serve as the owner's drying room. Would probably try a different hostel if I returned to kiev. Perhaps this is the norm.

New Peking Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Enjoyed my stay, nice people.

Yesinn @Fortress Hill

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

nice enough, would go back, friendly staff make a pleasant difference in a rather rude city

Logies Onderland

Gent, Belgium

splendid, would go back.