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A very nice stay. Excellent location (very convenient). Possibility to leave backpacks at the flat while enjoying the last day before going home. Breakfast is especially good if you like croissants...

Red Dwarf Guesthouse

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Frankly. It is a very good place, thanks to the guy who runs it. Very helpful. The view is just awesome. Transportation to the center is very easy (plan to climb some stairs: very healthy). Parking seemed to be mission : impossible but we sorted it out with our host.

Room007 Chueca Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Finding this hostel was quite a relief! Indeed I was in a very awkward situation. My normal hotel booking got cancelled at 2pm,.. at 3pm I was booking on the website and at 4pm I could drop my stuff in this excellent hostel and start proper tourism.

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Hi mate, Thank you to let us be part of your good experience in Madrid. Room007 Chueca hope host again in the future. Regards,

Golden Gobi

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Quite good hostel with good breakfast. Showers are mostly cold but overall the facilities are good and kitchen/living room space is nice. Also, if you plan to book a tour you get open doors, if you travel on your own make sure to book in advance.

UB Guesthouse & Hostel

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Kitchen is tiny but showers were hot. Most annoying is that they did not give much information if you to travel on your own. Like many hostels they prefer if you book guided tours.

B&B Da Mila

Florence, Italy

The place is really nice and seemend like our own place The B&B is a 15 minutes walk form the main train station and the start of the city center. The breakfast is just great and is definitely a good start . Also, we could park our car just in front of the B&B (very convenient!) .

INNer City

Beijing, China

Very nice and cosy hostel. It felt like being in a family. Bed and breakfast like welcome, very warm. Great character and atmosphere. Staff always happy to help, actually... probably event too eager too help! Of course the city of Beijing is amazing and we're in the perfect mood to enjoy the hostel. It's been a perfect stay.

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

It's somewhere between a restaurant and a hotel,not the usual hostels so i felt kind of lost. Bathroom aren't really nice. No kitchen.. for a backpacker there's is something missing. Nice building in a nice place... and good food though!

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

An excellent place to stay. I tried for the first time ever the single private room : just really nice, although the matreses are auite hard. Friendly staff, rooms to relax and chat with foreigners. Really good.


Cardiff, Wales

A bit disorganised... not much staff when we were looking for breakfast (normally included.. but we couldn't find much food..) location is correct: 5 min from the end of queen street. rooms are alright... not many showers available on the ground floor though..