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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Really great hostel for the price! The staff seemed a bit clueless on some things--like they weren't from Toronto and couldn't tell us how to use the trolleys--or where to park our car overnight. Other than that--our room was great; clean, comfortable, exactly how I would expect it to be.

Clarence Castle

Toronto, Canada

Seriously--Clarence Castle is amazing! It is not like your normal traveler hostel--it's a chic oasis in the center of Toronto! Very safe--own key to front door and room. The Location is top notch--CN, Queen&King streets, Subway super easy, all nearby. The staff are AMAZING, My favorite part! Husband and wife team--a great representation of the Canadian people! Check out Cafe Neuf inside hostel :) Hostel is so clean, great value for money, facilities great--Rooftop access was a pleasant surprise!


Bathrooms were not the cleanest...out of tp for 2 days. Rooms same... Dirty towels, even clean ones... Stains over them. Overall so-so. Staff were fine, but even at front desk would speak Spanish to one another... Which is fine, but not when I am trying to pay for my room and ask where things are in the city.

Glenmore House

Dublin, Ireland

This is a wonderful B&B! It has the quintessential Irish charm I was hoping to find and stay in on my layover in Ireland. It was very safe, each room having it's own keycard. The location is perfect if you have an early morning flight, or just want to get out of Dublin city. The staff were wonderful--My flight got in extra late, and they waited up for me to give me my key--amazing! It was all decorated for Christmas--so, it felt very homey. I would stay here again!

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

This is my second time staying at Archi Rossi, and again--it was amazing! It's one of the coolest hostels in Europe. Reading the hall of signatures is fun! So secure, they check everyone at the front desk for their room keys. The location is PERFECT, near everything. The staff is great--very professional. This hostel is all around fun. Free tours offered, many tips for Florence to be given. The best part, it's SO clean!

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

GREAT location for this hostel! It's under construction, so after that's all finished, I'm sure it'll be amazing. There was no character to it, the security was a bit lax--no lockers or cages to put bags in. Key card was a plus. There was no staff, just front desk guy at another hostel near the train station that gave us directions to Grand Place. There were no hostel activities. It was really clean, though. Brussels is SUPER safe and I WOULD stay here again--just wish it was more homey


Used to be a hotel, so rooms have that feeling to them. Super clean for a hostel! Very safe! Key cards are a plus for sure! The location is amazing for nice...I will stay here again just for it being so close to everything! The staff were great, seems to be Aussies running it, so always a good time!

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

Great hostel, very safe, a bit of a walk from the center of town, but do-able. Staff was awesome, very helpful! Very clean. The walls are a bit thin--got a bit loud at night/morning...but it was over all a great hostel!


Great hostel! Very inviting and giving you an "At home" feeling. It's very safe and secure, just as Rimini is. The location is AMAZING! Halfway between the train station and the beach. The staff was pretty good, answered questions and got things done. Pub crawl directed by Roberto was so fun! Def a must when you go! Made this weekend! This hostel was amazingly clean--which I greatly appreciated after a long day of sight seeing in San Marino and a long night of drinking.

MEININGER Salzburg City Center

Salzburg, Austria

This is absolutely, no doubt, one of the BEST hostel I have EVER stayed in in the whole world! It's like I was staying in a 4 star hotel, but I was in a bunk and it was just as cheap or cheaper than other hostels I've been in! Great key card system. The location is good--Its about a 10min bus ride from Downtown. Staff is AMAZING! They have a great lobby space and a guitar on hand to play, as well as offered many tours. The cleanest hostel ever! I will come back, and visit other locations!

St Christopher's Village

London, England

St. Christopher's is a cool place. Felt very safe the whole time, the key system works well. Wish there was another reception at The Inn, or some kind of proof of entrance to get in--the Irish girl beneath me on the 4th day I was there brought a boy home, and I was rockin' all night long. The hostel is clean most of the time, but towards the end of my stay, it was getting grimy and even toilets wern't flushing. I still really like this place and would go back. It gets loud outside at night.

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HI Thanks for the review. We had a Hostel guest flush a plastic carrier bag down one of the toilets, so eventually the drain people were able to solve the problem. All I can do is apologise for the toilets not flushing, and it took a few days to locate the problem. We hope to see you again in the future Many Thanks

St Christopher's Village

London, England

Great hostel to meet people and SO close to all the London attractions. Could be a bit cleaner and be a bit more stern on noise rules. Other than that--really great!

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

The Yellow is an amazing hostel right near Rome Termini! This is a very fun, live and upbeat place that you can meet other travelers and visit the sites of Rome. It has all the Italian charm you would expect and the staff are awesome!! Visit Vince, √Črica, and Eric in the Bar! They will help you out with anything ;) So close to the Metro [Termini] which gets you everywhere in the city. Will DEFINATELY come back!


This was a good place to stay. beds were quite squeaky, but staying with your roommates was fun. get to know everyone, because there are no lockers for your goods. Staff was great!! so friendly and helpful. Location was good, a bit away from downtown, but right by Socre Couer. Paris Subways are so scary!!! overall a good experience at this wonderful little haven.

YHA London Central

London, England

This was my first time out of the United States/Canada it it was AMAZING! London is a GREAT town and I will for sure be back to visit! Bar tender was great on info...were a couple of staff that couldnt speak English that well....but it was ok :)