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B Hotel & Hostel

New York, USA

Rooms are tiny and have walls that don't go to the ceiling, so you get a tiny space for your bags but still the noise of 40 people snoring. The el train passes about 5 feet from the walls every few minutes. Shower stalls are separated by almost-transparent glass, which is bizarre. Security is fine for the rooms, but the common area is next door and access from the street isn't locked. Staff didn't mention the part next door, so for two days I thought it was the most boring hostel ever.

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

This is the best, friendliest, most welcoming hostel I've ever stayed in. I feel like I need to re-do every other hostel review I've done in the last 10 years, and downgrade everyone else. This one raised the bar. The only possible improvement would be full bag-sized lockers. (There are smaller lockers for valuables, so it's still good enough.)


A fine hostel, but so huge and institutional there isn't much of an atmosphere.


No customer comment

Hostal Aleman

Panama City, Panama

Great hostel, great breakfast, great hosts. Rooms and toilets are near perfect. Location is good for early flights or if you want to be away from the city centre. The street nearby has some restaurants and a big supermarket, but otherwise you need the bus or a taxi. Two frequent lines go to Casco Viejo and Albrook Mall/Gran Terminal, through most of the city on their way there. Bus is cheap, clean, and easy but you need to buy a swipe card from the supermarket.

Hostal Casa Areka

Panama City, Panama

Oswald and Erick are great. Hostel room, toilet and shower were clean. Kitchen (Fridge!) was a little dirty sometimes, but I'd blame lazy guests more than the hostel. The location seems very safe and the 24 hour supermarket across the street is handy. The nearby mall is a little too upscale for a simple backpacker though.

Hostel Die Etage East

Berlin, Germany

If you are just looking for a cheap bed in a good hostel, this is the best place. No linen fee or other tricks, just cheap. Very clean. Well beyond walking distance to everything in Berlin, although tram service is excellent. Essentially no social atmosphere. Free WiFi but sometimes very slow. Reception friendly, but often nobody there. Risky to try to walk in without calling ahead.

HI-Athabasca Falls

Jasper, Canada

No customer comment

HI-Vancouver Downtown

Vancouver, Canada

No customer comment

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

The fellow at the front desk was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


An excellent host couple. Strongly recommended for couples, but not a good place for partyers or solo budget travellers.