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Location: Finland, Gender: Female, Age: 36

Emme Lodge

Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland

It's a nice little (well, big) old house where you can clearly see how the people used to live long time ago. Certainly different way to spend your night. It was located relatively near the train station and there's signs for you to follow too incase you're not sure which direction to go. Facilities are appropriate and very clean. Thanks!

YMCA Hostel Basel

Basel, Switzerland

I liked it a lot, great location and friendly staff. Nice areas for making new friends. There is even lockers downstairs for you if you leave later that day after check-out and still want to wander around the city. For this time of the year it was quiet but I can imagine in the summer there'll be more people and perhaps two showers for the entire level may be too little. Showers and facilities are great though, can't complain. :) Thanks!

Lausanne Guesthouse & Backpacker

Lausanne, Switzerland

On a good location since it is close to train station. Pretty balcony to go with the room. The lobby area just asks to mingle plus the outdoor area so this is good for that too. Lockers at the hall was a good idea too. Thanks!

Valley Hostel

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Really at an excellent location provided you want to see the mountains and hike on them. Clean hostel and well the only thing missing from there is a locker that I could have put just my own stuff during daytime. If you're not feeling for a hike, you can take train to Interlaken and go about there or bask under the sun on the yard where they have several sun chairs to sit on. Quiet village otherwise but I loved it there. Breath-taking views for sure! :)

Venice Lagoon House

Venice, Italy

Great host here. Place may be far away but easy to get to. I recommend any day this. Thank you :)

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Thank you very much dear!

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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La Maison du Patriote

Montreal, Canada

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River City Inn

Singapore, Singapore

Excellent hostel by far. Don't let the stairs fool you - this is a small heaven on 3rd floor you never knew of until you stepped in! It's just excellent :)

Pillows & Toast

Singapore, Singapore

Nice and quiet hostel at a very good location. Chinatown is a great way to get started on Singapore! Rooms a little humid but nothing too bad to experience since you will be outside all day anyway :P Very friendly staff, HI to them from Finland :)


It is a nice clean new hostel. I guess it could be located on a better place especially because the metro station is a bit shady in late night so as sole female traveler it feels somewhat unsafe to walk through it and to hostel. But in a group, it is fine. The hostel itself is secure.


Good value for money, can't really complain much about it unless you prefer not to hear birds sing at 6.30am and trash cars going around (gives an early start for the day tho, bonus!). Location is golden and staff is friendly! :)

STF / IYHF Fridhemsplan

Stockholm, Sweden

Here for the second time, this time in a double room and it was really nice. :) Warm and cozy. Internet is somewhat slow, though!

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

All in all a pretty okay place to be, top security feeling which is why it is a good choice for being when in Barcelona!


All in all a nice place to be. Just be aware that japanese seem to like smoke in the rooms. This was a surprise to me. I guess I should have asked separately a room where there has not been smoked?

IYHF Youth Hostel Zinkensdamm

Stockholm, Sweden

I have stayed here twice during my visits in Stockholm. I really like it, and it is not so bad walk away from the metro station as long as you know where you are going. I have even come back there late at night and it felt quite safe. The rooms are clean and overall the hostel is very pleasant to go to. I do recommend it to anyone, families or alone travelers.