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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 41

Light House Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Light House is clean and comfortable, with a few unpleasant quirks. 1. It would be much more friendly were there not a television in the common room. Many times I had hoped to hang out in the common room either to relax or to meet other guests and was greeted by some inane television show. This is not why I go on holiday. 2. The no-shoes rule is ridiculous. It's a hostel, not a hospital. 3. If you're on a lower bunk, headroom is minimal. 4. Nice neighborhood, but inconvenient.

Castanea Old Town Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Castanea is a lovely, well mannered hostel. It would be perfect if it offered breakfast, but you can't have everything!

El Hostal

Antigua, Guatemala

It's a lovely hostel with a capable, friendly staff. I recommend the Ranchera breakfast.


The laundry situation is pretty awkward, especially with a perfectly good laundromat down the block. Otherwise, it's a very solid hostel!

Girassol Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Girassol is pleasant enough but quite cramped. It's small and there's no real common area, so opportunities for hanging out and meeting other people are limited. It's probably the best neighborhood in SP for backpackers, though.

BoA Travel House

Seoul, South Korea

Make no mistake: BoA is not a fun, party hostel type of place. It doesn't even have the family vibe that some hostels do. It's truly a guesthouse, serving travels of all kinds and all ages. With that said, it's very comfortable and clean, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

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Thank you very much for nice review. We'll do our best to satisfy their comportable stay! Take care! Hope to see you again :)

Bella Paulista Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bella Paulista is comfortable and well located, with incredibly gracious staff and owners. it is not a party hostel by any means. it's just a comfortable, pleasant place to stay. Love the fresh papaya for breakfast!

Santa Mix Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A fantastic hostel. The staff are very friendly. It feels like a family, with plenty of fun but not an aggressive party atmosphere. It's a hike up the hill, but the Gloria metro stop is very convenient and the neighborhood is nice.

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

A little rough around the edges, but entirely within reason for a hostel. Perfect location, very helpful staff, friendly common room.

Gap Year Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Gap Year is small but perfectly comfortable and friendly. Real estate is at a premium in Singapore, so I suppose the size comes with the territory. The bathroom setup isn't ideal, but everything is clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

City Hostel Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Wow. This place is aggressively boring. It's more of a dorm than a hostel. The people who run this place are not in it for the joy of travel, and there's a vaguely condescending attitude towards guests. I guess that's your prerogative when you're in the most expensive city in the world and have almost no competition.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

This place is pretty corporate, so it's short on charm. But it's long on competency. The facilities are solid, and they know their clientele. It's really more of a hotel than a hostel, and that's fine. The breakfast is stupid, though. Why pay 4 Euro for corn flakes when you have all the sausages in the world at your disposal?


I get it. It's Goreme, and character is hard to come by. But, come on. You can at least fix the shower head and get towels that don't feel like they've been sitting in sewage. The staff works hard here and means well, but without a good spring cleaning this place is too gross to recommend.

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We replace heads of showers often as many guests abuse facilities at times .Our towels washed daily in stay soft and stored in cupboards ,no sewage smell ! whose ? Everyone brings in wet snow, mud from outside on their shoes to the dormitories, cleaned daily,never enough...İf tidy person we suggest stay private room instead of sharing 6 or 7 bed mix dormitory with others ...........

Boomerang Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

This isn't so much a hostel as it is a hotel with a dormitory. And the dormitory is awful. Fortunately, the private rooms were inexpensive so I upgraded. Boomerang doesn't have much character (especially compared to some of the true family-run places in Selcuk), though I imagine that when the weather is nice the rooftop breakfast area/lounge is very pleasant. The real problem with Boomerang is that it's in Selcuk, which is one of the most lackluster towns I can imagine.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Cute and homey. It's the only hostel I've stayed in in Istanbul, but as far as I can tell, it's top-notch. A few idiots in the dorm who don't quite know how to come in quietly at 3am, but that's to be expected. The common area is a little cramped but comfortable and friendly. The location is ideal, in the middle of Sultanhamet right by the tram stop. I wouldn't want to be any farther south.


Big and funcitonal, but not much of a sense of community. "Breakfast" is understated. Incredible location. Lock-able doors are nice, but extra charge for holding valuables isn't great.

Hostal Republica

La Paz, Bolivia

A notch up from regular hostels, Republica is classy, attentive, and exceedingly pleasant. Worth the extra few Bs for a good night's sleep.

Amsterdam Square Bed and Breakfast

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not a traditional hotel, but a fantastic location and a great place to crash if you don't want a typical frat-style hostel.

Bling Bling Hostel Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Bling Bling seems like it would be a great party hostel, but it was super-mellow when I was there, so it's hard to tell. The facilities are great, but it's a fair trek to Old Town.


I stayed only briefly at Good Bye Lenin, but it seemed like a charming place. But because of its isolation, the experience seems to considerably on who else is staying there, since there aren\'t obvious watering holes where backpackers can congregate.

Amazing Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Amazing Hostel does plenty of things right, but two flaws stand out: First, the unlit stairway is trecherous at night and not the least bit inviting. Second, forget about a good night's sleep. The dorms are seperated from the large common area by only a door (which closes loudly), and every footstep and whisper from the common room is audible. But the location is fantastic, and it's clean and smartly decorated.

Alibi B14

Piran, Slovenia

Alibi is the perfect hostel for a beach town like Prian. It's a little cramped, like the town itself, but it has a ton of character and is friendly, mellow, and comfortable. En suite kitchenettes are a plus, and the rooftop deck is awesome.

Vila Veselova

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Villa Veslova is a different sort of hostel since it is in a freestanding building and not tucked away in the bustling center of a town. Even though it's not a long walk to the center of town, it feels far becase its neihghborhood is so different from the charming old town. But the facilities are great, and it's exceedingly pleasant.

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Patio Hostel has tremendous potential. With a little imagination and minimal investment, it could be one of the best hostels in Eastern Europe. The room are clean, bathrooms are adequate, and the location is ideal (as long as youre cool with Bratislava). The common room has excellent amenities, including three fast computers, TV, stereo, but it could use some decoration. Likewise, the namesake patio could be a great gathering spot if it was spruced up to be more than just a cement slab with some benches. Staff is friendly and accomodating, though frenzied because of the rediculously early checkout time. It could be fun, but as its set up now, it doesnt really encourage mingling.

Cosy Corner Hostel

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Greg and Francie's veneration is well earned. They are consummate hostelers. In many ways, Poet's Corner is the perfect hostel: just enough character to get interesting, but not so much that it borders on grungy. It attracts and eclectic, multigenerational cast of characters who offers a nice respite from the usual college crowd. The four flights of stairs are tough and the location isn't perfect, but it's a delight overall.

Tutti Frutti Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Tutti Frutti is absolutely top-notch. If only every hostel was like this. It's clean, attractive, fun, and well mannered. The 'social chair' is fantastic and both makes everyone feel at home and directs them to great nightlife. There's a bit of a fraternity element, but it's not overwhelming and is all in good fun. The only drawback -- and it's hardly fatal -- is that it could use one more bathroom.

Lviv Backpackers

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Backpackers runs a very tight ship, and the result is impressive. It's a friendly, immaculate place that sets the standard in Lviv.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

This place is more of a hotel than a backpacker hostel. It´s not fun, and the staff has no sense of humor. However, the place is immaculate; it´s the cleanest, most well appointed hostel I´ve stayed in. Be warned: they charge extra for everything, including 4 euro per hour of internet!