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Location: Germany, Age: 28


Paris, France

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Dar Al Hamra

Marrakech, Morocco

A very nice hostel, we had a nice and clean room and the people were really friendly. We would come again.

Riad El Pacha

Essaouira, Morocco

The room and especially the bathrooms were very dirty, you have to access the hostel thru a kind of tunnel that smells like urine and we were ocasionally attaced by some weird kids who hung out in front of the hostel. The staff was friendly.

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thank you for the comment, but if it was true that you have been attacked WHY you don't made a complaint at the hostel .and i will called directly the tourist brigade, is right near the hostel. and why you don't told me about the bathroom in the hostel. and the maids work 24/24.

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

The room and the bathroom were very dirty, the staff unfriendly and unhelpful and the entire hotel way to expensive for what you get. Just a horrible plce to stay.

Dar Rabha

Fez, Morocco

We had a very nice room and the staff is really friendly. We got very sick and they helped with getting medicine and translated in the pharmacy. We would definately come again.

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I Really don't know what to say After this amazing words: Thanks you so Much for your lovely words about hostel darrabha. we are really doing our best to offer you a pleasant time to all our Guest. we invite you all to enjoy the hospitality of hostel darrabha.mehdi

Dar Bargach

Tangier, Morocco

Our room was nice and clean, the breakfast was good and the staff very friendly. We would come again.

Nomads Fat Camel Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

The hostel was ok, but it's not very cozy.

Oaklands Lodge

Auckland, New Zealand

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Seaview Resort

Goa, India

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Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

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