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Lucky your House

Puno, Peru

Very nice hostel. It had a nice vibe, and the common area was great to hang out in. The staff was very attentive and nice. The room was also nice and warm, with a comfy bed and a hot shower. The Restaurant recomendations of Karol and La Cabana were awesome. Thanks!

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Dear friend :), we hope you are fine. Thank you for your WONDERFUL COMPLIMENTS, we feel very rewarded by it and more encouraged to offer the best experience possible to our visitors. thanks also for visit our family Lucky your House, we are happy to know that you had a great stay here. Be welcome any time you come to our city and hostel.... Get our warmest regards. Have a good trip.

Loki del Mar

Mancora, Peru

I liked the hostel, but one thing that was really annoying was the lack of outlets in the room. There were 8 beds, with 6 lockers in the walls, all of which had an outlet inside. However, there are 2 beds without outlets and even if someone is nice enough to let you use theirs, if they are gone. out of luck. The beach is nice, the pool is too, overall recommended although the breakfast (instant coffee) could definitely be upgraded to at least include toast.

The Local NYC

New York, USA

The hostel is great, comfy bed, nice shower, excellent location(easy to reach JFK or the city). Highly recommended!

Loki Backpackers La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia

The hostel, its services and activities were great, the only downside is the wifi, which they claim is only available in the bar and tour area, but not even there will it connect. Overall though, I'd definteley stay again, just keep in mind that if you are someone that needs a constant internet connection, this may not be the hostel for you!

SantĂȘ Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perfect Hostel, perfect staff, had a great time, highly recommended!!


Nice hostel! great location the bed was comfy and the staff attentive.


Good experience, the jungle was amazing!

Banana's Adventure

Huacachina, Peru

Great hostel, will return at some point!

La Casa de Dante

Guanajuato, Mexico

All in all, this was a great hostel. YES THE UPHILL LOCATION is a bit tough (but do-able!) but still very accessible to tourist sites and it was nice to be away from all that. The view is spectacular and the house itself is great too, you can tell they really took care in decorating. Dante was very accommodating and welcoming, super nice guy. I want to return to Guanajuato, and I know where I'll be staying!


Loved this Hostel! kept extending my nights! Tulum is great and so is the hostel! lovely grounds, and the pool is fantastic. Thanks for the bug spray! Everything about the hostel is nice; the rooms were in great shape, the AC was strong and lovely, the staff was attentive and knowledgeable. If I'm back in Tulum, will definitely return! :)


The hostel was perfect, everything I expected. The beds were great, the shower was warm, the hammocks soft, the pool was perfect. The view was amazing. Neil was a great host and very helpful. I have recommended the hostel to several people now, because I had such a great time there. Also, i found the little boat rides across the lake really fun :)

Anjali Inn

Mumbai, India

The bed and room were good, bed was comfortable and there was AC which is necessary in Mumbai. The location can be a bit hard to find if they dont pick you up and getting to central Mumbai is also a bit challenging but kinda fun. However, avoid coming back during rush hour!

Ram Bhawan Residency

Varanasi, India

Very challenging to find, the alleys that lead to this place are definitely full of character! keep going down the alley to you see the stairs and the tiny temple, follow the signs that say "baba guesthouse" or "ali baba" and the Kautilya Society Residence will be the building at the kink in the road. Loved the place, loved the food, and the people. Very good experience here. One thing to note are that the beds are very hard, you have a thin mattress on wood, hopefully they get new ones soon!


Kathmandu, Nepal

GREAT hostel! after weeks in India, it was nice to actually find a real hostel. The beds in the "air" room were perfect, and the room was warm when it was cold outside. I guess I was lucky and always had warm showers but you did have to step outside to take a shower but not a huge problem. Highly recommend this place, I had a great time!

Mystique Moments

New Delhi, India

The bed was nice and soft and there were plenty of blankets to keep warm. The shower was nice and hot too. You can get around using public transportation, but keep in mind the LOCATION. Its definitely nice to be able to walk around and not have anyone hassle you or ask where you are from, but if you are trying to do anything touristy, it will be a bit of a hike. Everyone was friendly and I liked the breakfast too.

Pacific Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The bed was decent, and the location was good. However, this was not a place for backpackers (and I don't know if any such place exists in Dubai) but at least this was a place to spend the night if, like me, you just HAVE to see Dubai. For the price you pay the room should be better, it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while, especially the bathroom and mirrors, except for the bed which had clean sheets.

Boomerang Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

I wish there were lockers, but otherwise great place to stay. Walking distance to everything, and being across the street from the bus station helps too. Liked the breakfast too.

Astor Victoria

London, England

The bed was good, the location was great, however the bathroom with the tiny sink took some getting used too so you didn't splash water on yourself, but was okay in the end. The main problem I had wad with wifi. It just never connected. The people at reception said that it was probably just my device, but when I talked to the others in my room EVERYONE was having issues. Internet connection has become a necessity when traveling, and cannot believe a hostel in London would have such poor service.

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

This place needs more plugs/ power points to charge things! It was kinda cut-throat to charge your things, you'd come back to find others had unplugged you to charge their items. Several power strips would be an easy solution. Also, the rooms were very stuffy, definetely need a few fans. The staff was helpful, but kinda all on top of each other and things like check in were slow. Still, a good hostel, comfortable location that was a welcome change from european hostels.


The filipino guy working the morning shift was nice and helpful, in the afternoon there was another guy who seemed to cool for school to answer any questions and was not helpful at all.

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

Arriving to the hostel, the neighborhood seemed intimidating, but once inside, the hostel was great, the staff was very welcoming and very informative and they had hot showers, a computer and wifi. I would recommend they install a shelf for the upper bunkbeds so you have a place to put your things if you get a top bunk.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Good hostel, there are A LOT of people staying there so asking quick questions was sometimes difficult. The room and showers were alright.

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Very nice hostel, everything was as expected and the staff was very nice.

Sophie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Great hostel, the bed was comfy, the room was warm, the wifi was strong and fast. Everything a hostel could be. The location is good for the metro, but a bit far for walking to the center of town, but certainly do-able.

HBC Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The bed wad good, but the floor is REALLY creaky, makes loud noises everytime someone walks around. The owner was sometimes standofish and other times nice, perhaps I didn't get his sense of humor? The shower could use some work, and maybe a shower curtain could help avoid having to mop up afterwards.

Ace of Spades Hostel

Bled, Slovenia

This wad an awesome hostel, only needs a sign on the building!! After the initial confusion of where it was, loved it! The tour to the gorge and the viewpoint was much appreciated.

Hostel Temza

Zagreb, Croatia

Very nice, new looking hostel, great location that is walking distance from train and city center. The bed was also nice and there was a common area in the room apart from the livingroom.

Split Guesthouse & Hostel

Split, Croatia

What can I say, this was a perfect hostel! The owner, Josko treats everyone as a friend which made the hostel atmosphere even better. The location in split is also very convenient, you can walk everywhere. Can't say how much i recommend this hostel.

Hostel City Central Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The hostel was great, as was neno, the owner. Very nice and informative. The location was excellent, and the bed was perfect. I wish there was a second toilet, but the wait was never more than 5 minutes. Still, i highly recommend this hostel.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Wierd setup with the room within a room, especially when people from that room keep coming in and out and your bed is right next to it. Showers are a bit far and you pass through the common area, but people didn't seem to be shy. The bar was cool to hang out at.