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MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feels like a hotel but there are 6 beds in the room and i was sharing it with 5 other guests. The socket per bed is very handy. The lockers too in the room. Bring your own lock and you are good to go. There is a good connection by train to amsterdam central.

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Dear guest, Thank you for taking out the time to write this nice review, we are happy to see that you have enjoyed your stay with us! We hope to welcome you at Meininger again in the future! Kind regards, Meininger Amsterdam

Peace House Showa

Osaka, Japan

Location was easy to find when by loading the area on my smart phone using google maps and using gps when i got out of Tennoji station. Hostel is small and there are paper walls separating the dorms. Earplugs did the trick for me. I loved the staff and the atmosphere.


Nice details on every floor that are worth checking out like a manga room anf massage chair.

Hotel Chuo

Osaka, Japan

Simple style hostel that looks more like a budget hostel. Close to shinimamiya station and spa world. Single rooms can be booked for a good price.

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Big building, very nice common room, roomy common bathroom per floor, tv room with big TV and DVD player, very close to busstation (3 mins walking = around the corner) , free walking tour, good pub crawl, lot's of bars for a nice pint and a good time. Good price (compared to other hostels) and free breakfast.


A hostel that is in s nice and relatively quiet part of tokyo with access to the asakusa subway line about 500 meters away (walking). The staff were friendly and happy to help when I arrived with no cash (on how to find a cahs-machine) and also when I needed to catch a train NEXT to the airport.I Was out most of the time so I have litte to say about the facilities. Ok, for my 6ft 6inches ..the bathroom was small. I liked that we could use a secyue locker in the room.

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

Cheap sleep, good memories of the guests, friendly staff. Good location to get a feel of a local Osaka in a neighbourhood that feels like it is inhabited by the lower level working class. Close to two 'Yakuyen' supermarkets. Also walking distance to the old entertainment district of Osaka with the big pufferfish lantern.

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

This hostel feels like a hotel. The beds are quite large and the hostel still looks like it was renovated a short time ago. I am 6ft 4 and i enjoyed my sleep. My room had good airconditioning, my bed had a lamp and curtains. I loved it and it is the best sleep i had in Japan of all the 7 hostels i visited in 3 weeks. One night was too short (in hindsight). Thanks to the 'talking wall' i got some good advice on places to go and things to see. Fukuoka is a large modern city. Try karaoke!


Bed was ok, wood carvings and Tatami mats added style to the bedroom. Location near the spectacle bridge, Dejima island and chinatown makes it a good location. I was happy with the maps they provided on the spot. My roommates were quiet and i could sleep day and/or night. Sink was located in a funny place (in the hallway). Good for brushing your teeth late at night. I went out to a Cocktail one shot bar in a sidestreet. It had ten stools and looked very nice with lots of sprits. Campai!

Backpackers Miyajima

Hiroshima, Japan

Miyajima is located outside of Hiroshima. The hostel has the atmosphere of a surfers-getaway. It is near a lake and even has a view of the famous red Torii. I was happy to go all the way to this place and go back to Hiroshima centre to see the sights of this great city. The hostel has a private beach that makes me want to visit it again. The mattrass of my bed was relatively thin and the bottom of the bed was hard as well. I was there two nights and those two nights had a barbeque on every night


The hostel was big and still holds it's own. Locals helped me find this hostel as i turned to soon at what i thought was a one-way street. It is located close to a big shopping street and (among others) a 200 YEN bar. Get your shots for 200 YEN after a 400 YEN starter fee and find out why i enjoyed it a lot with my hostel-buddies. The hostel feels safe and has wifi on each floor. The common-room was my faourite to hook up with new guests and managed to go on trips with my new buddies.

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

Ninja gives me a warm welcome and a big smile. I loved my stay and was happy to mingle with the guests and staff alike. My first stay in Japan and in Tokyo was therefore good and i can recommend the cabins. I choose the word Cabin to describe a man-sized wooden box where you can sleep, sit up and store some of your smaller stuff. I am 6ft 4inch. I am sorry to say though that the mattrass is too thin and the bottom of the bed is hard, so sleeping in this Cabin was not so comfortable. Overall good

Hostal Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Fun is 60% because we stayed in a 2-person bedroom and we're outside of the hostal most of the time. Also, there is little to do in the street the hostal is located. The beach is close and so is Ramblas, not forgetting Montejuic. The room we stayed in has airconditioning and that is a good thing. The bath was very small, but we we're very happy with the shower. I'd say it was a good deal for the price.

Crib 15

Prague, Czech Republic

location 1 = 40% location 2 = 100% location 1 was a much smaller room (esp the bathroom) and some faults (stove was not plugged in, brown water at one time and no view). Location 2 was much better and had a bathroom with a tub, balcony with a view and a separate area for the kitchen.

Hotel Vysehrad

Prague, Czech Republic

I usually stay at hostels, but this was great for a change. tv was small but a great stay all the same. Kitch design (green marble tiles in the bathroom :)