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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 41

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Pathpoint Cologne

Cologne, Germany

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Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

A great hostel with excellent, friendly and knowledgeable staff.


This far from the centre of London Budget hotel rooms are cleaner and cheaper than the room we were given at Shepherds Bush. This is no way indicative of St Cristophers in other countries. The staff were all fantastic but have been marked down due to the unhelpful and surly cleaner. We were told,by reception, we could drop our stuff in the room and were then prevented from doing so by this gentlemen who gave us a long lecture on when rooms were available. And the bar? In Bruge St Cristophers ha


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Hospedaje Magallanes

Punta Arenas, Chile

Excellent hostal

Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Rooms were too hot.


The fact that there was no toilet paper in the 3rd floor loo for over a day does not reflect very well on staff. Neither is the fact that we were all woken up at 5.30am by what appeared to be a party on one of the floors. Is it not the night watchers job to silence these type of affairs? Why were these idiots not in the excellent bar downstairs? Top marks for the new lockers! And will you please turn the heating down!


En-suite bathrooms not very practical in a hostel situation. Surely people who turn there nose up at communal facilities wouldn't stay in a hostel anyway. And what the hell happened to free breakfasts when your hostelling?

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Magnificent location but whats with the walking half way across town to get keys? And why did everyone of us have to go through this ordeal. Have stayed in Belgium enough times to know it is not a legal requirment for everyone to go through this ordeal.

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location would have not been a problem if tthe metro line wasn't closed going into the city.The minibus system would be far better if it were free and everyone staying at hostel paid an extra euro a night. Everyone would use the service then and knowone would end up out of pocket. Longer reception and bus running times would also be a help.