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Hostal La Ermita Merida

Merida, Mexico

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. It is within the walking distance from the ADO bus station. The downtown area is not that far, either. They have a nice small swimming pool in the courtyard where you can dip after a long and hot day. My room was very clean. Continental breakfast was included in the rate. The old and ornate floor tiles, artwork on the walls makes you feel like being in a hacienda. A very convenient location if you want to catch an early trip to Uxmal ruins.

Yaxkin Hostel

Palenque, Mexico

Surprisingly, this property has no knowledge of the hotel industry in terms of room description. A twin room means 2 beds in the same room whereas a double room is a room with a big bed for 2 pax. The regular rooms are tiny with lizards. The internet is extremely slow and their Windows version needs an update. Their is no breakfast at all and you supposedly get a discounted breakfast for 44 pesos - a slice of bread with jam and coffee? Palenque is a very expensive town perhaps that explains it

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

This is a hostel for party goers who like socializing and don't mind people shouting 24/24. Please don't forget to bring with you your earplugs like I did. You have to pay 25 pesos for the locker if you want to keep your valuables in a safe place. There is no internet access except wifi, which seems to be a norm in all Mexican hostels. Apart from that, it's close to Ado bus station and Plaza de las Palapas where you can enjoy real Mexico and have a nice meal.

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We are specifically setup for party people who like socializing, hooking up and having a great time. Hostels are not the best option for people wanting to keep to themselves. Lockers are free to use, the $2 would be to buy a lock if you don't have your own. There is a reception computer which guests are welcome to use. All you have to do is ask, but since socializing was too hard i assume asking to use a computer would be too.

Hotel Colorado Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Wonderful owners that cater to your needs, answer all your questions and give you tips re: sightseeing. I had a spacious room with kitchen space, fridge and my own bathroom. The room was cleaned everyday. There is a nice courtyard with trees, flowers and a table where you can sit by yourself or other guests. 5 minutes walk to the beach, a German Beerhalle and an Italian cafe on your way. Very close to a shopping centre (Wallmart or Mega). Also, very quiet and cozy. I`ll be back definitely!

Bona Nit Hostal

Trujillo, Peru

First of all, the staff didn't speak a word of English or any other foreign language. The ambiance was bland and boring. Due to communication problems, I had a problem with booking a sightseeing tour where by the way the tour guide had completely abandoned us and stayed with his Peruvian clients for the entire day. The breakfast was simple and there was nobody to serve us as the food was left on a tray and covered with a red cloth (no chance to ask for extra coffee or anything).

Mystic Simurgh Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

No customer comment

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Excellent, beyond words! Thanks people for making my stay an exceptional one! I will definitely come back to Lviv/Lwow/ Lemberg, a city I have fallen in love with :)

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

I just can't describe in words what a wonderful stay I had. I loved the decor, the kitchen area with a typical European breakfast - bread, jam, cheese, coffee or milk. The staff was extremely helpful and polite. I met lots of people from different European and non-European countries which made me realise that the Berlin Wall is rapidly disappearing from our consciousness. A perfect place for those interested in discovering the beauty of L'viv :)

Lisbon Old Town Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This is the best hostel I\'ve ever been to.This place has a feeling of home - we even cooked together our \"pierogi\" dinner from scratch! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful with tips on places to visit and the practical info. And most of all, they are truly multilingual - would you expect someone at the reception to speak fluent Polish? Filipe, Joan and Oyell - you will be missed. I hope to return one day to Lisbon and stay with you!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I loved the ambiance, the clean sheets, a typical German "sauber", the location in the very heart of Prenzlauerberg. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. However, I would prefer to know the total price before the arrival, but I'm sure it's not the hostel's fault, but that of this website. I will definitely come back to explore the area and have ein Tasse cafe und Marzipan croissant in a local cafe :)

Zaid Holiday Home

New Delhi, India

The owner of this establishment is extremely cheap and dishonest- no toilet paper in the bathroom, dirty sheets, no tv or internet. The breakfast consists of toast only and is served on a plate in his office which is a few blocks away. We had an extremely unpleasant stay at this hostel. We advise the Hostelworld to take a closer look at the people they sign contracts with as the owner of this place is a crook that doesn\\\'t deserve to be advertised on a civilized website.


This hostel doesn't have the internet, tv as indicated on hostel world. There is a lezard in the bathroom which makes the shower a kind of unpleasant experience. It's quite far from the Agra's town centre.