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Tramp Aparthostel

Krakow, Poland

The ladies in reception were very helpful and nice. The room for 4 were normal beds (no bunk beds!), space and lockers. It's on the 4th floor, no lift, so if you have a heavy luggage - beware. The hit: their computers in the lobby run winXP and they use a mechanical mouse. Museum stuff. The wifi works great in the common area and in the rooms. The `give a 2nd life to the book' is hilarious- most of the books shouldn't have had the first life to begin with. Anyway, nice, clean, great location!

Guru Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I stayed in the hostel for 2 nights in 2 different locations. Apparently they have a new part of the hostel. The new one smelled with paint and had no wifi and no kettle. Guess it was taken care of by now. The old one had 1 bathroom 1 shower and 1 toilet for everyone. There was a queue in the morning to the toilet. Not fun. The staff (Zita and Julia) were awesome. They did all they could to make me more comfortable, thank you ladies!

Globetrotter Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Very clean, the staff were nice and helpful. There is a small kitchen with tea. A very small place with 2 bathrooms (at least one was always free). Location - very close to the central rail station, botanical garden and not far from the old city.

Old City Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Right across the street from the blue Mosque. The staff were very friendly, spoke very good English and were helpful. The room was clean, so was the shower and the loo. The hot water depended on who was taking a shower a floor below at the same time. I was lucky but the girl I was sharing the room with was telling horror stories (no idea whether they are true). Breakfast was nice, small towels were free, big ones for hire. WiFi worked fine both in the common area and in the rooms.


The first thing that greeted us was a sticker in the reception saying `support Gaza, boycott Israel'. Either boycott israelis and dont' accept my money or take the sticker down, dude. Otherwise it was very clean, the wifi worked great in the common room, breakfast was tasty, there was hot water in the shower every time we tried, the guy who spoke English was very helpful telling us where to go and what to see. Those who didn't speak English were still nice and helpful.

City Center Hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

The location is perfect - walk down the stairs and you are in the independace square. The staff was helpful and quite nice (we spoke Russian, so not sure whether they know English). The shower slowly turns into a swimming pool in which you never wanted to swim at the first place. The room was tiny and suffocating, but ask for the airconditioner remote - it becomes allright

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

The location is perfect. Taking the shoes off at the entrance is annoying, but can see Pete's point. Having just 2 bathrooms (combined with toilets) meant we had to wait for 10-20 minutes every morning. The rest is great. The location, the staff (were very freindly and helpful, spoke good English), comfortable rooms (we had a room for 4). And the common room was all sorts of fun

Basilica Hostel

Moscow, Russia

A terrible dump, one of the worst places I've ever been. The rooms didn't lock, the shower and toilets were filthy, 2 nights out of 4 there was no hot water in the shower (with +2 outside and no smoking ban.) The stuff were friendly and spoke English, but for some reason I found myself translating when people needed something from the cleaning lady. Finding the place was close to impossible - see, there are 2 blue churches on that street and the one they mean is about a km away from the metro, not 500m


St Petersburg, Russia

very clean, great location. The stuff were friendly and nice. I seriously didn't expect something that clean in St. Petersburg. The rooms were quite big.

The Royal Bayswater Hostel

London, England

was alright for one night, the breakfast existed, the shower was there, the sheets were clean enough. The stuff didn't know much but were friendly enough.

Inner Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very close to the museum, but not too close to the centre and the nightlife. The breakfast was good, the shower big enough with place to put / hang things with hot water and clean towels. Getting to the upper bed with no ladder is a bit tricky though:)

Cleopetra Hostel

Petra, Jordan

The owner is amazingly helpful and friendly. Good value for the money if one doesn't expect it to be a 5 stars hotel

Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

Great value for the money.


Beware: to leave the luggage after check out costs 1$ per bag per hour. Never heard of such a thing before, was slightly shocked. They didn't have hot water in the shower, which while temporary was still yet again, shocking.


An amazing location right near Tiergarten, very helpful staff. The shower could be cleaner, but altogether it was a nice place to stay REALLY worth the money


What is written on the website has very little to do with reality.

Downhill Beachhouse

Castlerock, Northern Ireland

The view is amazing, very quiet, very clean and very "homely"

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

It's impossible to sleep without earplugs there...