Reviews: Anonymous

Location: US Virgin Islands, Age: 33

Vanderbilt YMCA

New York, USA

It's a 30 minute walk from Penn Station. The walk is very safe, even at night- I was often out around 11 pm -midnight and felt safe. There is no (or sometimes flaky) wifi in the rooms, but the wifi in the lobby works well. The room is tiny, but mine was clean. It is a budget hotel rather than a hostel. I have read complaints about noisy AC but mine was fine (just don't crank it up all the way.)

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Everything was run very smoothly. Fun crowd and accommodating staff made it a cool place to hang out in.

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

With the dusty air and noise outside my room (12 bed mixed dorm) from the reception desk and tv, it was hard to get a good night's rest. On the plus side, the staff were great.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Feels very much not Italian and knows it. I lucked out and had good roommates. The place seems to have few rules though, so you run the risk of rooming with loud people, drunks.

Hotel Val de Loire

Tours, France

Not a hostel- this is a cheap hotel. But it's a good choice as far as cheap hotels go.