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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Hong Kong Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I would stay here again. I found the hostel to be cramped and the staff to be a little unfriendly--however, my impression is that both these problemsare typical of hostels in Hong Kong. When there was a major malfunction with our toilet, the staff initially ignored our maintenance request and later repaired the toilet, but with no apology for the problem or the long wait. On the other hand, we greatly appreciated the free room upgrade at the beginning--that improved our stay tremendously.


I stayed here for over two weeks and loved it. I especially loved the various terraces and pavilions surrounded by greenery, which give the hostel a surprisingly rural feel in an urban location. The staff is wonderful, the hostel is generally child-friendly. My only complaint was the animals; I do like animals, but the cats were covered in fleas and tended to beg for food at the restaurant, and the pig bit two of us when we refused to give it our breakfast!


I had a great stay, except that my key card stopped working every day and had to be reset. The internet connection was unusually good here--I love their option to borrow a router for your room.


Konka International Youth Hostel is one of only two proper hostels in Kangding and it's a great option, especially if you speak some Chinese. The staff is great, but the guests often seem not to have encountered many foreigners, and foreign guests (like me) are likely to garner a lot of stares and questions from curious roommates. The common area is very cozy and has pretty reliable wifi!

Beijing Leo Courtyard

Beijing, China

This is a good choice for those who want a more Chinese experience. Quiet and affordable, but not a great place for meeting people.

Leo Hostel

Beijing, China

I've stayed here multiple times, and it is definitely my favorite hostel in Beijing. The management truly understands the wants and needs of international guests. However, this time I found that many of the things offered in writing at the bar were not actually available--the beer tower was broken, the drink specials advertised over the bar were no longer available, and coffee could only be served during the morning on some days. Please update your signs!

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Hello, and thank you for your loyal support! Sorry, the draft beer dispenser has had problems recently, as has the coffee machine (too busy!)... However, it is all fixed now. We still offer drink specials - perhaps you spoke to a new member of staff (?) or we ran out of tequila! Anyway, if you notice any problems, please find one of the managers or put a note in one of our suggestions boxes. Thanks again for staying with us again. Take care, LH :)

Peking Yard Hostel

Beijing, China

I enjoyed my stay, but it was not quite what I expected. There is no "yard" except for a small courtyard that has no seating and serves primarily as a passage to the private rooms. The patio, featured prominently in the pictures, seemed to be little more than a smoking terrace for the smoking staff; it is hard to get to and unsheltered, and I never saw anyone up there except for staff members taking short smoking breaks. The fresh flowers throughout the hostel are nice, though.

Parthenon Hostel

Chicago, USA

This hostel is in an ideal location for backpackers who are in and out of Union Station!


The location of Mingtown is unbeatable in this price range, with easy access to People's Park and the Shanghai Railway Station (by subway), but the amenities are slightly disappointing. I've stayed in several Shanghai hostels over the past few years, and Mingtown was lacking some of the basic conveniences that I've come to expect, such as toilet paper and soap in the communal bathrooms, and free short-term luggage storage. There is also insufficient lounge seating.


Staff is very friendly and helpful. I'll stay here next time!