Reviews: Anonymous

Il Giglio Guesthouse

Florence, Italy

Near the train station I imagine it is safe but it isn't very pleasnt at night. Staff only comes to check people in so you can't count on anyone for advice or help. My snd floor room had a small belcony over the parking of the building so it was easy to break into. Very clean hostel, two bathrooms so there was never a que etc. All in all it is a good practical place: main down sides: no staff, no kitchen, not the best location.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

HI O stayed in march that is a little of season in the mislle of a week so take what I say into acount. This is one of the best hostels I have styed in. the best location possible great staff alot of keys locks doors and all the things that make us feel safe. plenty of PCs . they do make you pay 4 everything-a towl a lock a blancket internet beyond 20 min. but the staff is great and very helpfull

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

location is a bit out, yet in a good're exposed to more of the town. Staff was i'd guess closer to an efficient central earopean biorocrat than a friendly and genrouas youth hostel receptionict. a safe choise just dont count on it for inside info.

Carlito's Way

Rome, Italy

the staff was very helpfull and it is located in a very good place If I return to Rome I shall stay here again