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Lisetonga Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I stayed at Lisetonga over New Year's (2013/2014) and had an excellent time. Security seemed good--you have to ring a bell to get in and there are lockers that seem relatively sturdy. Location is good--it's in Leme and up a bit of a hill, which makes it good instead of excellent. Staff and atmosphere is excellent--people were friendly, the hostel has a lot of character. Cleanliness was very good--bathrooms and dorms cleaned every day. I would stay again and would recommend Lisetonga to anyone.


El Viajero Downtown Montevideo is a good choice if you want to stay downtown. Security is decent, though I'm not a fan of the under-bed-lockers. Staff is relatively nice. Atmosphere seemed okayish (though that always depends on who is staying at the moment). Cleaning took place daily. El Viajero is part of a chain and that does help some. When I was there, wifi was down for almost a full day which causes a hassle when you really need to get online. Nonehteless, I would recommend El Viajero.


I had an excellent stay at Brava. I rated the security merely 'good' instead of excellent because they have little control over who walks in and out and the lockers are not very sturdy. Location is great--a five minute walk to the beach. Atmosphere is pleasant and it is easy to find people to hang out with. Cleanliness is good, too, with daily cleaning of dorms. It is very noticeable that it is a chain in a good way--things work. I would recommend El Viajero.

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Thanks Per for your comment, it`s good for us to hel us improve each day. We are working on the security manners. Regards El Viajero Staff

Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

Unplugged is a party hostel--at least that was my impression. I was there over a holiday so that might explain that it was loud until very late at night. The staff is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is good. Unfortunately, it is not very clean--neither in the dorms nor in the bathrooms. The facilities are pretty old, though everything works. Breakfast is mediocre. The beach is about 15 minutes away. I am hesitant to recommend Unplugged, unless you like to party and value atmosphere.

Ecopackers Machupicchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

Security was relatively average: no locks on dorms but large wooden lockers for valuables. Location was near the buses that go to Machu Picchu, which is nice. Staff - in particular Andres, who I interacted with - was very nice. Atmosphere seemed excellent, though I went in the low season. I had no complaint about cleanliness--it's obviously a hostel, so everything may not be squeaky-clean, but it's definitely above average. Overall, I had a very pleasant stay and would recommend the hostel.


Cusco, Peru

Ecopackers is a great hostel. I rated security good because there's not a lot of checks on who walks in and out. Location is fantastic, only a couple of blocks from the main square. Staff is very pleasant--Maria in particular was helpful. Atmosphere is cosy and familiar. It is very clean for a hostel and you don't have to make the bed yourself. Breakfast is very good and you can order extra stuff if you want. I would definitely recommend Ecopackers to anyone going to Cusco.

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

A reasonably good hostel. Rooms in the basement lack escape routes in case of a fire (only small windows at the top).

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

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Jazz on Lenox

New York, USA

Too few bathrooms/toilets.