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Location: Poland, Gender: Female, Age: 26

La Jangada Hospedaje

Leticia, Colombia

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Freddie next to Mercury

Bratislava, Slovakia

Great place! Clean, cosy, warm, the private room was spacious with the kitchen and the terrace (which we didn´t expect). Very friendly and easy-going staff. 15 minutes walk from the Old Town. Highly recommendable!

Rastel Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The hostel is dirty, the private room was adapted from the previous bathroom with the tap and the pipe still hanging from the wall wrapped in a piece of cloth. The room had no wardrobe or a hook to hang the clothes so we were forced to keep our stuff on the floor or on the bed. The bathrooms don´t provide any privacy. The price in the New Years Eve period was comparable to a 2 star hotel, only with conditions of a squat. Only 2 persons from the staff were kind and helpful, the rest didn´t care.

Hotel des Ambassadeurs

Toulouse, France

Nice hostel, well located. We went in December, the hostel was a bit cold but except that everything was fine.

Hotel de France

Limoges, France

The hostel was ok, but no big deal. Kind and helpful staff. The building is old and in December it was a bit cold. The bathrooms are extremely small but the hostel is clean.

Tradicional Villa del Mar

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It was ok, the room was old but comfortable, with a small balcony and the bathroom. It was clean and well located.

Hostel Hospedarte Chapultepec

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Hostel Stara Polana

Zakopane, Poland

The hostel was very good, clean and nice. The atmosphere was great - a hostel for travelers and hikers.

Flamingo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

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Kadetus Hostel

Krakow, Poland

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The hostel is very cold, they have very poor heating so if you don't travel in the summer better take some sleeping bag or additional blanket with you.

Easy Lounge

Alicante, Spain

It's very hard to find the hostel,there's no sign or name on the building, no possibility to call the inercom. The staff was never at the hostel, they just left me with the keys and it felt weird and unsafe.