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Location: Denmark, Gender: Female, Age: 33

The Old Cottage & Restaurant

Blackpool, England

What a wee gem! Perfectly located a stone throw away from the promenade in between Coral Island and Pleasure Beach which makes it an ideal location to walk everywhere and yet is placed so there's no noise at night. Our host was extremely helpful, accommodating, polite and nice. The room cosy, with everything we needed (tv, kettle etc., wardrobe, good bed, with good duvet and pillows - which is a seldom find! - ensuit and plenty of big, soft towels) and on top of all that: affordable! Excellent!

Zen House B&B

Rome, Italy

This truly is a home away from home! I've backpacked for several years and never experienced better accommodation or host. The owner is extremely helpful in all matters and goes far beyond what you would expect. Stay here and you won't regret it :)

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Your kindness first is the matter of all, I really wish that all the guest will be as you are. THANK YOU dear Terese and hope to see you again in Rome. Have a great new Year!

Mariners Court Hotel

Sydney, Australia

It's a quiet and good location (not right in the centre but it's a nice walk to the Opera House and city), quiet and comfortable rooms with everything you need. Super stay!

NosDa @ The Riverbank

Cardiff, Wales

Perfect location and very friendly staff BUT as it's being renovated we didn't get any sleep for the noise and the hot water was shut off early. Our rooms weren't yet renovated and were frankly disgusting. We slept on the floor because it was more comfortable than the bed! If a renovation is taking place and paying customers has to suffer from it lower the price!!!

Edinburgh Metro Youth Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

It's student rooms through the year except the summer month when it's a hostel. If students can live in it all year, so can everyone else. Only issue was a very bad bed. Some noise from the street pubs reaches the room. They hadn't gotten my full booking done via Hostelworld, but that would be an issue with Hostelworld not the hostel and they were very keen on solving my problem. I recommand confirming your booking with them personally though.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I was in an 8 bed dorm with one key to hte whole room - it makes sense to the reception not to me! Nothing bad to say about the place really, but be aware that you're in Dublin - Party Hard City - so being in a dorm is probably not gonna be a quiet experience! But it was clean and people were chatty and nice. Couldn't get a better location!

Hostel 63

London, England

(Stayed in a dorm). Pay that little bit extra to stay somewhere else! Don't mess with the cleaning lady - what a nasty (biiiip)!

Vita Nova

Amsterdam, Netherlands

BE AWARE: The lady tried to say that the 10% deposite that Hostelworld charges you from your credit card is something we pay for Hostelword's service and that she doesn't get that money, so she still wants full price. It seemed she'd never been corrected, so she must have cheated a lot of people off that extra money. Otherwise, to say you've lived on a house boat is just cool. It doesn't move, so you don't get sea sick or anything. It's a cozy, though small accommodation. There's a comman room in the eating area, but mostly people partied outside the boat, which meant you could get a good and quiet nights sleep - people were very resepctful when coming home and leaving (keep that up, backpackers!). Bad showers, if that's important to you. No extra security than a lock on your door. Normal European cold breakfast with hot tea and coffee.

Ostello Monaco34

Florence, Italy

GREAT! Hostel bookings always depends on your type: Are you party hard? Go somewhere else (please!). It's like a hotel but with all the extra good things a hostel should have, like laudry and a great kitchen. No commen room, but if you're in a dorm you get to talk to people that way. I loved it because it was very clean, quiet, close to the station and city, very friendly staff and good value.


We stayed in a "cabin", so can't say what the dorms are like. Yes, the rates are cheap, but it is a long way out of town and with bad free shuttle connection and the train and the metro compined you're looking at around 45 minutes of transport which this place isn't worth! It's a rip off. The dining place is way expensive and it's crap (really crap) food and the laundry costs a fortune! The cabin was a box with a paper wall - not joking! Could hear the other people BREATHE! The beds are garden-beds, very uncomfortable! No extra security, other than a lock on your paper thin door. The last people's trash was even left in the cabin when we arrived! NO CAMP KITCHEN, you're stuck with the dining place, if you don't eat in town.

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our shuttle bus goes every half hour from 8-23 and waits for the last train, i dont see what is so bad about that? the train only takes 20 minutes to the centre of rome.

Hostel Lozanni

Athens, Greece

First off: are you a party person who can sleep through anything or someone who likes a good nights sleep? No kitchen, no breakfast, but a bar that opens after 11 pm (where some people might want to sleep). Half the rooms are next to this loud bar and no one shows respect for others need for sleep (on any of the floors). So if you party hard and can sleep through loud music and yelling, first from guests, then from the cleaning ladies in the morning (just showing off their Greek behavior, I guess), then you'll LOVE this place. Except maybe for the pee that's all over the toilet seat s and floor and doesn't seem to disappear after the morning cleaning.... If you sleep lightly - find somewhere else! If you just want ONE night of good sleep - find somewhere else! Really nice staff though.

6th Floor Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

First off; There's nothing called 6th floor Hostel anymore, but Downtown Hostel from the 7th floor has taken over, so don't worry, you're booking should still be valid. The owner of Downtown Hostel was really nice and though the staffs English is lacking, they make more than up for it in friendliness, especially the morning lady who makes you breakfast! No extra security other than the receptionist is around all the time and you can lock your door. Bathroom (one on the 6th floor) is big and nice but can be dirty by the end of a day. It's a very small space and we had a private room, so don't know what the dorms are like. I can recommend it for one night, probably not for a long stay. SECOND: Directions!!!! Do not turn LEFT from the station (as written by Hostelworld), because you'll get lost, but turn RIGHT and walk 30 m and cross at the very first pedestrian walk and the hostel is RIGHT across the street! And remember the street signs isn't in normal letters (well, normal for most of the world anyway...)

Hostel Possonium

Bratislava, Slovakia

This hostel really depends on your type. Are you up all night and can sleep through anything? Then stay here. If you like a desent sleep and can't sleep through yelling, banking around, light being turned on and so forth - go somewhere else. The only place to socialize is outside the 6 bed dorm or in the kitchen outside the 10 bed drom. The staff don't want a quiet boring night shift so they let the yelling go on till it stops by itself though there's a 10 pm rule (totally ignored!!!!). It was my worst stay so far, got NO sleep at all and was in a dorm with the weirdest types. Toilet on ground floor was dirty, but shower room very nice. Free internet, but 1 computer. Good kitchen though, the best so far. The staff were nice people but seeing they wouldn't help with the 10 pm rule "because they didn't want to be unpopular", I couldn't respect them! The dog gets a lot of great reviews on Hostelworld, but I never saw it either.


STAY HERE! After travelling Eastern Europe it was nice with a modern up-to-date and clean in the sense of new hostel, full of English speaking anti-shy people (lots of Aussies and Americans, if you're in to that). It is a party hostel but they really try to provent noise reaching the rooms. GREAT staff! And bartenders! Lots of cheap offers. Only minus is the tiny kitchen with limited equipment.

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Hi Terese! Thanx for this good review - just one comment on the kitchen: we've already ordered a new (very stylish green) one and will do a bit of renovation very soon!

Hostel Friendship

Prague, Czech Republic

Levir is nice. It's within walking distance of the city or right next to a metro station, if you're not a walker. Stayed in a private room, good comfy bed, missing the duvet and pillow already! Clean. Super nice bathroom and shower! Get your own key to get in and out, but not a party hostel, if that's what your looking for. And the only minus was that the kitchen was lacking basically everything, even a stove.

Pegasus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

All in all EXCELLENT! I booked a dorm, but they were sold out so updated me to a twin for no extra charge - service like that you can't go wrong with! Free internet and more than one computer for once. SUPER friendly staff! Good sleep (it always depends on who is there at the same time of course). Lots of people to hook up with. GO on the free walk tour, leaving from the hostel, and learn more than in your school years, while making friends speaking your language and the party is ON at night through that tour group too (not at the hostel though). Good kitchen. Only minus was that we left our bags in their "storage room" which was kept unlocked (or maybe it was just on that day...)

Hotel De La Comete

Paris, France

Mark it's a HOTEL, no kitchen or even a kettle in the room, but besides that it was really good! Really nice staff, but only one person (who isn't always on duty) speaks English, so practice a few French phrases - that's always polite anyway. They like the money to be paid sooner rather than later, but not too fussed about it. Cash is best! Nice and clean rooms with priavte shower. Good transport and not too far from town compared to the fair price (remember you're in Paris!). But as it's a hotel, it's not party central or where you'll meet a lot of other travellers, but you'll get a good sleep in stead.

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

If you can find something else for the price you might want to. Staff was really nice and spoke many languages, but the dorm I stayed in was crap. SO noisy, and not just the people in the room, but just REALLY bad insulated. And that's not because it's a great party hostel, because there is hardly any space outside your bed to hang out in. Kitchen lacks a lot. The ladies bathroom was beyond sucky, with frosted glass in the showers, so everyone could get a good peek, the main door next to the showers, could hardly close the door to the toilet while standing up and couldn't get out again if someone was standing in front of the sink! Wost of all, on our first night a tick was sitting on the wall next to my bed! (But Barcelona is an awesome city!) :o)