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Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

The private room is a full on apartment in a building next door - amazing value for money! Good social hostel for meeting people


Hostel owner very friendly and helpful. Even booked our bus to Split for us! Apartment was clean and very spacious. With Wifi included and the independent space you get its very good value for money. Location in old town also very good. Would recommend

M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Great facilities - lockers, swipe cards for rooms, cleant toilets & rooms , wifi, fresh towels, kitchen and cheap parking! Staff are really friendly (and will get you blind drunk for cheap as hell if you're game). Would highly recommend

HI Boston

Boston, USA

Great facilities - what stood out is the ridculous abundance of toilets on each floor. Massive kitchen. Everything you want in terms of cleanlines, security and location. Atmosphere is a bit lacking and there were a lot of older travellers, so wouldn't have the charm of a smaller family run hostel where you could meet people and party. But at least it's nice to stay in

Hostel Villa Skansi

Hvar, Croatia

If you want to meet people and party, this is the place. Had a brilliant time here and met loads of people. The staff are amazing and will do anything for you, including taking you out and cleaning up after you. It has all the usual amenities, bar, kitchen, internet and you can rent your scooters/boats from here as well. Only thing is, you can't drink your own booze in the rooms, which is a bit annoying and they get well pissed off, but still wasn't too much of a problem. Their booze is cheap.


NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! So if you want to sleep in a pool of your own sweat then go ahead. And the bald guy behind the desk is a complete tool, if you see him tell him he\\\'s a w****r and if he asks you anything just say \\\'you didn\\\'t ask\\\'. What a disgrace of a place

New York Hostel 99

New York, USA

The area doesn't appear safe although the staff assured me it was fine and to be fair I didn't have any problems so I guess it's cool. If you stay in the dorms with no en-suite, be prepared for cues for the one bathroom


Not a bad hostel that does the job and has all the basic essentials you need (breakfast, internet, TV room). Staff are a bit clueless but will always try and help you out, and the location is a bit far from downtown but only really if you're a wimp. So overall I would recommend it.


Okay so it's not the best hostel in the world, but you and I both know that for the price you're not going to stay anywhere else, so suck it up.

Casa Brasil Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

A nice quaint little hostel with friendly staff and clean facilities. Perfect for relaxing, don't expect to do any partying here.

Hostel Internacional Campo Base

Mendoza, Argentina

Don´t stay in the 8-bed dorm it´s unbelievably cramped and messy!! Apart from that it´s a decent enough hostel in a good location and you can book all your activities there for good prices.

Nomads Fat Camel Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

Does the job for your typical fun backpacking hostel and very good value for money. Good security. However local teenagers from the nearby school frequent the bar which is a bit weird

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hey glad you felt your value for money was good , also with the local teenagers they are actually from the Merchant Navy College and are 18 which is the legal age to drink in New Zealand. Backpackers

Christchurch, New Zealand

Absolute dive! Fungi growing all over the place, poor shower and toilet facilities and boring as hell. Don´t stay here

The Urban Age

Bangkok, Thailand

A decent enough hostel that does the job but not much in terms of fun. Staff very helpful in organising most things.

Coast Star Mansion

Phuket Patong Beach, Thailand

Very helpful woman at the front desk and great location but not very lively

Westend City Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Boring, lifeless, army bunker